Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale sparks concern among fans with her slim frame in a new Instagram post.

Model Kelly Gale sparked concern among fans with her slimmer appearance in a recent Instagram post.

The stunning Swedish-Australian posted a series of selfies that aroused concern among her followers while vacationing with fiance Joel Kinnamen in Italy.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Model Kelly Gale raises concerns about ‘looks too skinny’ among her followers

Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale shared some photos on her official Instagram account on Sunday evening.

The 27-year-old gorgeous girl showed off her slim figure in a selfie while vacationing on the beach with Joel Kinnamen. The two have been on vacation in Italy since last week.

Most recently, her weekend post Kelly shorts and her crop top during hiking.

However, whenever fans post on social media, comments pouring in expressing their concerns about her slim body.

One user commented on her appearance, while another fan said the brunette model looked ‘tired’ in her photos. Another user said Kelly ‘looks too skinny’ in her photos.

Meanwhile, many fans defended the star to tell the people to pay attention to their work and stop the ‘skinny shame’.

The model faced similar comments last week when she shared several photos of herself. She showed off her long legs in a bright yellow cropped top and little jeans.

User reaction to Kelly Gale’s Instagram photo

A lot of Kelly Gale’s flocked to the Instagram comments section to show her concerns about her little frame.

One user said, ‘You’re starting to get worried’.

Another follower said, ‘You look so skinny… It’s too dry,’ he agreed.

Another user added, ‘You look too skinny’.

One fan wrote, “What’s going on? She’s such a beautiful woman, but she seems to have lost a lot of weight… I hope everything goes well.”

Nevertheless, some fans quickly defended the model’s physique and appearance.

She said, ‘Stop embarrasing slender Kelly. You have no idea what is going on in someone’s life. And some people are naturally slim, especially when they are young. In my twenties, I had almost two light ones and ate like a horse.’

She ended the message by saying, ‘Please be careful’. If you saw her would you really say this to her face? Probably not. So do it yourself.’

Besides, some of his followers were simply delighted with the natural beauty photo.

One fan left a comment, ‘Damn pretty, my love’.

Another user agreed, ‘Yellow looks great’.



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