Video: Amber Heard was taken online to “swear” to donate money to charity.

Amber Heard sticks to her words and is donating $7 million from Johnny Depp’s divorce settlement to charity. Savannah Guthrie questioned the 36-year-old actress of being “trapped by a lie” in a tough defamation trial against her ex-husband and actor Depp. For the first time since her trial, the actress spoke about what happened in court proceedings with The Today Show.

Savannah Guthrie asked Amber Heard, who said her husband worked as a consultant on Depp’s legal team. In the monopoly, Heard said:

“I made a pledge, and the pledge was made over time and according to its essence.”

During the session, the Aquaman actress confirmed that she would keep her promise. Guthrie then questioned her actress’ credibility while she was on her stand.

Amber Heard was further pressed on the subject by a reporter who said everyone thought the gift was complete because she declared live that she had donated the entire amount. No one believed Guthrie had “promised” to do so, she added. The 50-year-old asked Heard about his feelings of being “stuck in a lie.”

Amber Heard’s charitable donation “Pledge” has received a lot of attention on the Internet.

Netizens were outraged as the actor justified his donation to a charitable organization after it was revealed that the financial transaction had not been completed. ACLU executives also testified that she has not received any money from the actress since 2019 because of her ‘financial problems’.

The actress claimed to have donated half of the divorce settlement to the ACLU and the other half to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. However, the gift has not been confirmed.

Amber Heard was also charged with “lying” about donations during harsh cross-examination with Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez. Heard admitted throughout her trial that she was unable to pay her full amount due to litigation costs incurred by her husband’s lawsuit.

At trial, she also claimed that she used the terms “promise” and “donate” interchangeably.

Tweet in response to Heard’s charitable donation scandal

One user said he couldn’t wait for Amber Heard to “promise” the $15 million he owed Depp.

Others said they haven’t paid yet. Her vows will not go with the money she has set aside for her purpose. #Amber Heard, we’ll see you.

Other sources said Amber Heard still plans to donate $7 million to the divorce settlement. The narrator says ‘I made a promise’.

Others have said that she was altruistic and donated to dispel rumors of a gold miner, but she appears altruistic and is effectively confirming that she contributed to dispel rumors that she was a gold miner. Then she sets aside her money for her donation or explains that she shouldn’t have had to keep the promises she made. So it is reliable.

In a defamation trial earlier this month, a jury unanimously voted for Johnny Depp against ex-wife Heard. He was awarded $10.35 million in damages from the jury. Heard was ordered to pay $2 million in damages after his lawyers defamed her by labeling her abusive allegations as “fraud”.

The full NBC interview airs on NBC on Fridays at 8pm EST for those who want to see it.

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