Video: Atlanta police arrested a man in an ambulance to have a good time.

A video of a man riding an ambulance in Atlanta is circulating the internet. It’s not new to get videos that surprise everyone from time to time on the internet. It happened recently to a man in Atlanta who got into an ambulance for reasons no one thought of.

Read ahead to learn more about the video that shows a man in Atlanta riding an ambulance to have a good time.

A video of a man riding Joy in an ambulance is a hot topic.

You may be surprised to know, but a video recently went viral on the Internet showing a man riding an ambulance to have a good time. Yes, the incident took place in Atlanta and police later caught a man in a stolen ambulance.

A man who stole an ambulance was caught on a body camera. Where you can see the police looking for an ambulance and arresting him as a suspect in stealing an ambulance for a pleasant trip in Atlanta.

Where did the police catch the man who stole the ambulance?

On November 7, Atlanta police received a warning of a stolen ambulance from Emory Midtown Hospital. Since then, the police have been looking for the stolen vehicle. In fact, 10 minutes later, the police were able to find an ambulance in the gas station parking lot. Even the suspect who stole the ambulance was arrested.

The man in the stolen ambulance was identified as Jonathan Williams. When Williams found an ambulance with an engine and a key, he was discharged from the hospital. All of these arrests of this man were recorded on body cameras and circulated on the Internet.

Netizens react to man who stole an ambulance

A video of a man stealing an ambulance went viral on the Internet. Netizens are reacting quickly to this. Because many of them found the event a fun one.

In fact, one of the users said that Uber was expensive, so they took an ambulance. Not only that, other netizens who came across this incident also showed interesting reactions. The video went viral on the internet despite the heated response.

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