Video: Carnival Cruise Ship Mass Battle Clips Go Viral on the Internet

On Tuesday, June 28, a battle was reported to have occurred on the Carnival cruise ship Carnival Magic. This insightful story of this epic fight was first detailed by Fox News Digital.

The Daily Mail, meanwhile, claimed that between 40 and 60 men took part in the battle. Reportedly, the two initially started fighting over allegations of cheating.

The controversial battle took place early on Tuesday morning and reached an extreme where the US Coast Guard needed to reach out. It happened in the cruise ship area where nightclubs and casinos are located. Footage of the fight went viral as numerous media sources continued to use it.

carnival cruise fight video

The fight on the Carnival Cruise vessel began around 2 am, and the two began a progressively recurring brawl as additional individuals at the boat’s dance club and casino. Fox News also said the battle began on the fifth floor of the boat.

Fox News interviewed eyewitnesses who were on board at the time. James says the alleged trio sparked a dispute and passengers became outraged after learning that their partners had taken part in the ménage à trois.

James, who witnessed the hour-long battle in front of his house, said a woman may have been cut during the battle when he saw a beer bottle shattered. She said her guests were “ignorant idiots behaving stupidly,” praising cruise security for how they handled the fight, and saying the dispute could have been much more regrettable.

The video also showed that security personnel on the carnival cruise ship were overwhelmed by the battle and neglected to contain such a large crowd. Security officials later called the Coast Guard to help anchor the ship in Manhattan, according to the New York Post.

NYPD Investigates Battle on Ship

As the incident occurred on the last day of the trip, the Coast Guard boarded a boat for Manhattan Harbor. Fox News later claimed that the New York Police Department (NYPD) had officially launched an investigation into the fight. Meanwhile, as previously mentioned, Fox’s sources allege an affair between passengers as an explanation for the fight. In any case, the reason for the fight cannot be ascertained until an official investigation is over.

It is unclear whether people have been arrested. If the incident occurred in international waters, the Marshall Act may have been activated. Therefore, it is not yet clear how many wards the NYPD needs to fully investigate the case.

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