Video: Comedian Ariel Elias gulps down a beer thrown at her by a provocateur.

Ariel Elias is now trending on social media for her dignified reaction when she threw a beer at her while she was on stage.

Here’s everything you need to know.

How did Ariel Elias deal with female revelry?

Ariel Elias staged Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club at Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey on the weekend of Saturday, October 8th.

She started the show with a question and answer session. But she seems to regret it when a woman in the crowd repeatedly asked if she was her Trump supporter.

Then Elias said, ‘Why do you ask me that, knowing that I am the only Jew in this room? Are you trying to kill me?!’

But the women shouted, ‘So you voted for Biden?’

Moreover, the two were thrilled before booing pointed out that ‘I can tell by your joke that you voted for Biden’.

Elias can tell by the fact that you’re still talking when she’s ‘no one wants you. You can see that you voted for Trump.’

Nevertheless, Elias tries to continue her set after a while when someone suddenly throws a can of beer at her head. It landed with a thud against the wall behind her, spraying its contents everywhere when it fell to the floor.

On the other hand, in shock, Elias is seen picking up the can from the ground, drinking the remaining contents of the beer.

Meanwhile, Elias spoke about the beast in an interview with Rolling Stone.

‘The message to the scoundrels last night is that the treatment is excellent,’ she said. I highly recommend it. Or just write down your feelings. I promise you’ll want to throw less stuff.’

Comedians applaud Ariel Elias’ action.

Several prominent comedians took to social media to applaud Ariel Elias for staying cool in this embarrassing situation.

As Patton Oswalt once said, ‘Ariel didn’t even do anything political. The drunken beast was longing for what every MAGAt craved: discontent and revenge. And they will change the reality before their eyes to get it. “It sounds like you voted for Biden.”‘

Also, 40-year-old Whitney Cummings said, ‘Take the peek shit for everyone who wants to tease the comics just because we didn’t sign up for physical assault and place a pedestal. @Ariel_Comedy You are a class action.’

Jim Gaffigan said, ‘Well… there’s so much to say about this, but the point is that @ariel_Comedy is a very fun and comprehensive class.’

‘Five stars for this perfect show @Ariel_Comedy,’ said Jimmy Kimmel, host of the hit TV night show.


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