Video: Enrique Iglesias kisses a fan in Las Vegas.

Enrique Iglesias shocked fans when she released a video of herself kissing a fan in Las Vegas.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias posted a video on Instagram of getting acquainted with a female fan at a Las Vegas concert on Friday night.

The video began with the 47-year-old singer kissing a fan on the cheek while posing for a selfie. However, things changed drastically after a while when the woman turned her head and began to kiss Iglesias passionately on the lips.

The Bailando artist seemed shocked at first, but did not back down. He went on to have an affair with the mysterious woman. Besides, at one point he moved his hand under her waist.

Nevertheless, when Iglesias escaped with the bodyguard standing awkwardly, the video ended with Iglesias releasing the fan.

The Spanish singer also outlined the post with the caption, ‘See you on Friday night #LASVEGAS @resortsworldlv!’

Fans react to Enrique Iglesias kissing a fan

Fans of Henrique Iglesias have mixed opinions about his recent meeting. Some fans joked that they were ‘lucky’, while others were not impressed.

One fan said, ‘Lucky! You are the best for your fans!’

The other was ‘Oh my God! I want to be her.’

A third person ridiculed ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’.

However, some fans were upset, considering the status of the relationship between Iglesias and Anna Kournikova.

One user added a knife emoticon and said, ‘Anna wants to know my location’.

The second is ‘I hate kissing other women! Your kiss should be only for Anna.’

Another said, ‘How does Anna stand this?’

On the other hand, someone else said, ‘It’s embarrassing. Anna is cool with this?? I’m not.’

Another user said, ‘This woman is so inappropriate and you let her do that. I am sure your wife will not be happy.’

As you may not know, Iglesias has been in a relationship with tennis star Kournikova for nearly 20 years. The two met while filming his ‘Escape’ music video in 2001.

The couple are also parents of three children, twins Nicholas and Lucy, two, and Mary, two.


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