Video: Florida agent pulls gun at pregnant woman before resigning from office

In Florida’s new improvements, the sheriff’s agent resigned after body-camera video was recorded threatening to use a weapon on a pregnant woman during a traffic jam. After seeing a video of the event going viral on social media platforms, the sheriff’s department investigated Jason DeSue’s bodycam film and determined that he had violated department guidelines. He later resigned from the sheriff’s office after the incident. At 12:00 PM on Friday, August 19, pregnant Ebony Washington and her three children were stopped for speeding.

Reports say they were on their way from Gainesville to Jacksonville. According to Bradford County Sheriff Deputy Jason DeSue, she was estimated to have been going 75 mph in the 55 mph zone. In any case, Washington turned on the hazard lights and continued heading to find a spot that was bright enough without being pushed straight away. A representative from Bradford County, Florida, left the sheriff’s office after serving two years with law enforcement. His leads were so deplorable, including a new traffic stop where he shot his mother in front of the kids.

A Florida agent is reported to have aimed a gun at a pregnant woman.

A Florida lawmaker resigned after a video threatening to use a gun on a pregnant mother during a traffic jam. Ebony Washington, four months pregnant, admitted on Friday that during her return from Gainesville to Jacksonville, she was speeding around 75 mph in the 55 mph zone with three other children in her car. rearview mirror. She said the woman didn’t want her to stop her car in the dark, so she didn’t stop right away and continued driving with her hazard lights on until she got to where she felt comfortable. Stop the car. Otherwise it will put you down on the ground. Bradford County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jason DeSue hears a body camera video speak through a speaker in his department vehicle area.

Ebony Washington’s car enters a gas station and stops before DeSue comes out with a gun drawn. Assuming that any development you make will be the last mistake you’ll ever make, DeSue yells at Ebony Washington’s car as shown in the video. try not to move You can see Washington pulling his hand out of the car. DeSue points a gun at a woman’s vehicle in her vehicle. The woman replied that her Florida agent advised her to get out, but she wore her seat belt. The video shows her exiting at that point and the agent grabbing her arm and handcuffing her.

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