Video: Ilhan Omar boos at Somalia concert in Minnesota

U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar from Somalia received applause and cheers at the Somali Music Festival in Minnesota on Saturday, July 2nd. On Saturday night, during a performance by Somali musician Suldan Serar Guhad, the leader of the Democratic Peasants and Labor Party took the stage.

Omar appeared on stage at an event at the Target Center in Minneapolis, and the crowd was not impressed with his presence. Omar presented the award to Serar at Somali Week, commemorating the 62nd anniversary of independence.

A viral video of the incident went viral, with some claiming that Omar wasn’t booed by the crowd. It is clear that some of the audience were not happy to see Omar. It’s because they gave her her obscene sounds to show her desire to remove her from her platform.

At the Somali Week music event, Ilhan Omar performs as follows: The crowd shouts “Get out”.

A woman congressman from Minnesota was harshly ridiculed while speaking on stage. Audiences can be seen booing Omar for over a minute in an online version of the event’s video footage. One of her concert audiences, who saw her during her performance, said:

“Get out of here,” he said.

In another scene in the video, the mob calls out to Omar, who has worked, to be heard shouting “Get out”. When one onstage was unable to speak due to singing and audience boos during her performance, she is said to have been heard speaking to the audience.

The 39-year-old woman can also be heard speaking to an audience in a viral video mocking her. She begged them to stop and said:

“Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. We don’t have time all night.”

Politician and political consultant Tim Mynett was with Ilhan Omar at the event. Omar also posted a video of the event on his Twitter. In the video, the representative enters the stage. However, the video ends 14 seconds before the booing starts. Omar has included stage photos of himself and Suldan Serar Guhad in his own tweet (aka Sultan).

Why did the audience boo Omar Ilhan?

Ilhan Omar was ridiculed by the crowd at the Somali Week event at the Target Center in Minneapolis, but it’s unclear why. However, one of the things Omar has stirred up controversy in certain people is the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s Rov. It was her opinion of the Wade decision. She has expressed her anger at the recent US Supreme Court ruling and is a strong advocate for the right to abortion.

Ilhan Omar said in a press release that millions of pregnant women and women have been ravaged by this choice. “I find it absurd that this right-wing court overturns decades of development and forbids people to take personal control of their bodies. Let’s be clear. Anyone who supports the 14th Amendment and believes there are limits to how much government can influence our private decisions has been hit by this ruling.”

Ilhan Omar also suggested on June 30 that Minneapolis was more violent than Somali refugee camps. A 39-year-old man from Mogadishu spoke to an audience at the Minneapolis North High School Gun Violence Community Conversation.

Those remarks may have upset some concert audiences on Monday. However, it is unknown whether the majority of Somali Week concert audiences were born in the United States or Somalia.

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