Video: Lil Baby was brutally beaten on Twitter after a fan was pushed off the stage by security teams.

After performing at Switzerland’s Openair Frauenfeld Festival last weekend, Lil Baby was savagely attacked online when a fan was kicked off the stage by a security guard. A video of a rapper fan being pushed off the stage and falling onto a barricade was posted on Twitter.

While the 27-year-old hip-hop artist was performing at a festival, his fans took to the stage and tried to reach him. Before Lil Baby could react, it is said that his security caused a fan to drop him off the stage. This happens the day after a fight between a fan and Roddy Ricch is caused by a fan’s attempt to pull the rapper’s leg during a performance. At a recent wireless festival, Cardi B was also seen arguing with a fan trying to grab her microphone.

Lil Baby’s fan kicked off the stage.

Security guards ran to the stage and pushed rapper Lil Baby so hard that he fell close to the barricade before fans could touch it. Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Armani Jones, has reportedly stopped performing to confirm an unknown fan. Also, there are no updates on the health of the fans after the horrific crash.

When Lil Baby performed in Charlotte, North Carolina in September 2021, an overzealous fan stormed the stage during the show. Fans were violently tackled by Lil Baby’s security, after which they pinned him to the floor and dragged him off the stage.

Social media users criticized Lil Baby.

Lil Baby has been criticized by social media users for mistreating fans by security staff. Another netizen commented, “The first letter of his name is the exact expression of his bodyguard and album.” “The guard was quick.”

Another user said it was completely unnecessary. Lil Baby wasn’t scared at all and she just wanted to say hello. Why is he thrown off the stage like a toy? If I were a fan of that, I would strongly sue the security provider. One person added, “Lil Baby is the worst player for the fans.”

Someone next to him said, “Seriously?! Now, a fan came on stage. Security could have treated him differently. He might have suffered a neck injury. One said, “Damn, he wasn’t supposed to go up there and the security officer. was doing his thing, but I still think it’s overkill. And that person is probably seriously injured now.” Another echoed similar emotions.

One netizen concluded in the conclusion, “It is absolutely wrong for a fan to rush to the stage, but if that fan had fallen off the stage and died or suffered serious injuries, it would be an unnecessary force and no lawsuit would have taken place.” . Little Baby must assess her own safety. All they had to do was pull him out with a simple tackle.

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