Video of Lauie Michael Tagaloa being stabbed in the Brisbane Trail Station

Lauie Tagaloa was fatally stabbed in the Valley Metro food court near the Fortitude Valley train station on July 11. A violent argument broke out between two groups of men at the scene, killing the 24-year-old victim.

Later, surveillance video from the scene escalated the argument to a brawl, during which Tagaloa was amputated. Reports indicate that men from both groups quarreled and yelled insults at each other until one group wielded a knife and threatened to harm the other.

At approximately 4 am, the event took place next to the food court in the Brisbane Shopping Center. Lauie Michael Tagaloa was killed there, and three of the combatants apparently fled. Later, these people were detained in connection with the murder.

What was portrayed in the video of an angry Laui Tagaloa being stabbed?

CCTV footage recently released online showed two groups of men yelling at each other. According to the video, one group of them spread the situation and tried to leave.

Later, the two men start fighting, and the video shows Lauie Tagaloa falling back after being stabbed. He fell to the floor as a result of intense bleeding from the blade that cut through his neck. Witnesses at the scene rescued his 24-year-old father by giving first aid to his father, as blood splattered on the floor after being struck by Tagaloa. However, the paramedics’ efforts were in vain because Tagaloa died before he could resuscitate him.

Following the incident, a 20-year-old boy from Buckdale was detained for the murder of Laui Tagaloa. According to the Daily Mail UK, two additional men involved in the case appear to be aiding in the murder investigation. As of July 11, the two have no charges related to their involvement. Meanwhile, the main suspect was brought before the Brisbane Magistrates Court on July 12 and learned the outcome of the charges.

According to, Queensland police have identified the suspect in the murder of Lauie Tagaloa as Seyram Kwami Djentuh. After the death of the 24-year-old, a colleague named Jordyn Cooper launched a GoFundMe page to support the family of the deceased Tagaloa.

Internet users react to graphic video showing the murder of Lauie Tagaloa.

The video showed reactions from many netizens, “embarrassed” and “heart hurts.” Many people have asked not to spread this video.

No intention to share this, a user has commented

Another user mentioned to prove that blades can be far more dangerous than guns.

Another shouted. Jesus Christ, do you need to provide such a blatant video to explain what happened? Please be polite!

One user commented saying that no one should spread the Lauie Tagaloa video. Let his family grieve without having to watch it over and over again. Terrible.

Another person referred to the Lauie Tagaloa incident and added, “RIP the person, but do not attack the unarmed wielding person.”

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