Video: Shaun White pokes fun at Nina Dobrev in her latest TikTok duet video.

Shaun White recently made headlines on TikTok for mocking girlfriend Nina Dobrev’s “Degrassi”. Well, Shaun White and Nina Dobrev were both a very lovely couple. But other than to show love for each other. Both never miss a chance to tease each other. As seen in the recent TikTok video.

Read ahead to learn about Shaun White’s pranks on Nina Dobrev’s Degrassi on TikTok.

Shaun White mocks Nina Dobrev’s Degrassi

Of the really lovely couple names, Shaun White and Nina Dobrev were added a few years ago. The two have been inseparable ever since they started dating. Although it’s easy to see their bond on social media accounts. They never miss a chance to tease each other.

@Nina panda 4 eva #degrassi ♬ Original sound – Nina Dobrev

Recently Shaun made a TikTok video mocking Nina Dobrev’s Degrassi. Well, in that viral video, Shaun was seen eating pita wrap. As much as a duet video, he started following Nina’s cheerleader character Mia in De Gracie. In doing so, he showed his moves to his late pandas. The video definitely made everyone like it.

User reaction to Shaun White pranking Nina Dobrev

Without a doubt, everyone has known the relationship between Shaun White and Nina Dobrev for a long time. Adorable pairs often appear on one person’s social media accounts. Shaun’s TikTok video from Nina made everyone love it. Mia’s demo in his video was fun.

@shaunwhite #duet with @nina #degrassi ♬ Original sound – Nina Dobrev

TikTok users couldn’t stop watching the video. In fact, the video has already garnered millions of views. What should not be forgotten is that the caption of the video is “Val de Gracie! Clap for the pandas!!!”.

Shaun White and Nina Dobrev’s Relationship

Shaun White and Nina Dobrev both started dating in 2020. Rumors of their dating came out in February of the same year. The situation was further confirmed by a photo of the duo later taken in Malibu. However, a few months later, in May, Nina herself confirmed this on her Instagram.

Since then, the couple has grown stronger. Like I’ve seen them go on vacation together many times. One of their beach photos caused word of mouth confirming each other’s lovely bond.

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