View: A woman tries to snatch an Asian doll chain video and the rapper gets into a fight.

Asian Dolls aren’t the ones to play with. And that’s what she showed once again when a woman tried to grab her chain. In the video released on the 1st, the Asian doll is actually fighting with another woman. Asian doll kicking thief and saying ‘You idiot, you idiot’? While her crowd supported her. Someone from behind the camera shouting, ‘Don’t play with Asians, damn it up to Asia. In blood, turn s**t up, Asian!

The security team finally jumps in and separates the two girls before they rush into the vehicle where the Asian doll is waiting. The woman essentially assured her that she had attempted to photograph her with an Asian Doll, as she later described her own story in her Facebook post.

She said all the time she had sex with me. I’m snatching that shit. I snatched the shit with all my might. She didn’t drop that shit.

Asian Doll Indulge In A Physical Argument

Asian Doll started a real fight over the weekend after a woman tried to snatch a diamond chain. The episode’s video was released on Sunday, August 21st, showing the rapper being subdued by several spectators as she jumps to an alleged thief. Finally, security personnel rush in and separate the women. Then the Asian doll moves to the vehicle. After the fight, the suspected serial extortionist visited Facebook to understand what had happened.

Asian Doll later took to Twitter to further insult her and guarantee everyone she won the fight. We don’t really enjoy snatching the bitches they faked Dior and laughing at them, she started. I don’t think I’m touching the ground Ms. dior and when they kick you out i chase you and start beating you 1:1 you don’t even want to fight anymore full tf under the hood.

The Asian doll then said at first that she would not talk about the fight, saying, “I didn’t talk about the situation and I wasn’t angry in the light of the facts. I wasn’t angry because I literally had a 1:1 win. […] I needed that shit, but got a knot instead. She kept bragging about defeat, and I will never fall. Besides, she wrote that I’m trying to make things happen around town for a lot of niggas around me. After she arrived she saw the stars […] Don’t let Santa Claus rest on Friday after the bitch concentrates on telling a near-death lie.

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