View: Fans say Johnny Depp and Madonna look alike after a clean shave.

Johnny Depp has shaved off his trademark beard, and he looks basically unrecognizable at this point. Pirates of the Caribbean entertainer, 59, is traveling with his friend and Grammy Award-winning guitarist Jeff Beck. His all-new innocent look has already caused a big storm on social media. Johnny Depp appeared frequently in court in a widely aired defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard a few months ago, and at that point, he looked radically different. The difference is unmistakable in the fact that Twitter users are comparing his new look to the totally unexpected public pop icon Madonna.

The dramatic transformation of the mysterious animal entertainer seemed to confuse fans waiting outside the arena to meet the star, but Twitter users were also bewildered. The last group was not subdued in any way, and some even ventured to such extremes as to denounce the legend of being under the sword. One netizen posted on his tweet, ‘What’s the deal with famous plastic surgeons these days? Madonna, Johnny Depp, Gwen Stefani, Zac Efron… Another user retweeted a new TikTok video that Madonna posted with Captain. Another note from the same video. Why does she look like Johnny Depp dressed as Madonna? Another joked, I think it’s Johnny Depp who plays Madonna in the movie.

Johnny Depp shaves his beard and leaves Twitter users confused and confused.

Edwards Scissorhands looks like he’s using his hands well as he’s caught the attention of his fans on the internet, except for facial hair in Hollywood star Johnny Depp’s most recent look. Celebrities look almost unrecognizable after their popular beard shave, reports The 59-year-old celebrity took on an all-new clean look after the duo performed in New York and then toured with friend and award-winning Jeff Beck. The Pirates of the Caribbean entertainer looked very different from how he appeared in court a few months before the defamation lawsuit against former Amber Heard. Johnny Depp is currently wearing a neat look after rocking his particular mustache and beard for a really long time.

Following New York City’s most recent show, according to, Johnny was spotted wearing a blue striped Bakerboy hat and a huge blue tint that covered most of her face. While fans waited outside to welcome the Hollywood star, he would have made excuses for confusing the celebrity actor with someone else because of a seemingly extreme change. The contrast is unmistakable in that Twitter users are comparing his new look to Madonna, a famous pop symbol they never expected. In the meantime, the much-loved entertainer took the opportunity to pose close to fans who waited patiently for him face-to-face after his performance with Beck. He smiled as he signed autographs, chatted with fans, and took pictures. The celebrity new shift follows closely with news that defamation cases involving herself and Amber Heard will soon become the subject of another film.

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