Violent Nights release date, trailer, cast and plot

The American movie ‘Violent Night’, which will make everyone flutter, will be released this year. Because we all have the long-awaited movie. There are cases where there are no clues about this movie. Then here are all the details. So when will Violent Night be released?

Read ahead to learn more about Violent Night and all the latest updates.

When will Violent Night be released?

With Christmas just around the corner, there’s the upcoming movie Violent Night. We recently had a movie premiere at New York Comic Con on October 7th. A post in which the film is planning a national theatrical release.

So don’t miss going to the theater on December 2nd this year to see the movie Violent Night. This time, you will see an amazing storyline to watch along with the movie. Don’t miss it. There is also an update on the movie.

Who is the cast of Violent Night?

Violent Night’s cast has a really amazing cast in the movie. David Harbor, the main character of the film, plays the role of Father Noel. You can see John Leguizamo and Beverly D’Angelo with David.

Also in the film are Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Cam Gigandet, Edi Patterson and Andre Erikson. We will have more casts in the movie. What to see when the movie is released.

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What is the plot of Violent Night? Do you have a trailer?

The movie Violent Night is going to be an amazing movie because it tells the story of Santa Claus. But yes, you can’t see Santa giving gifts to good people. Because he will be cruel to all the bad guys. So you will see idiots disturbing Santa. Even the movie invites some action.

Fortunately, there are all trailers for Violent Night. This shows that it is very different from what Santa heard about him in the movie. So don’t miss out on the big screen movies all winter long.

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