Virgin Media Arrives at The O2 with Enhanced Connected Experience

Virgin Media arrived at O2 with the brand and logo placed inside the venue and plans to open a new experience studio space this summer.

The studio will focus on Stream, Virgin Media’s new TV platform that offers a new way to bring TV channels, video apps, and streaming subscriptions all in one place.

Later this year, Virgin Media will open a gaming space where visitors can play a variety of games on the latest consoles and platforms. Access exclusive game titles and host esports competitions and industry events.

High-speed gigabit broadband networks will be installed as part of Virgin Media O2’s vision to make The O2 “the most connected place in the UK”. O2’s 5G mobile network is already available within the venue.

After the two brands merged in June 2021, Priority has been available to both Virgin Media and O2 customers. Mobile network operators will be given priority to their customers 48 hours prior to general launch and will have access to the O2 Blueroom and O2 Bluebar in the O2 Arena.

Gareth Griffiths, Director of Partnerships and Sponsorship for Virgin Media O2, said: “At The O2, we are delighted to bring Virgin Media and O2 together under one roof. Virgin Media is providing an enhanced, connected experience to gigabit visitors. Broadband is available for seamless sharing of unforgettable moments on the Internet.

“We are launching a market-leading gaming experience this fall and we are excited to now make Priority available to all Virgin Media and O2 customers at O2. This includes customers exclusive to shows at O2 Arena. Includes Priority Tickets, accessible as Indigo from The O2 48 hours before general release.”

In 2005, AEG and O2 formed a partnership brokered by AEG Global Partnership. Fifteen years after The O2 officially opened, Virgin Media O2 continues that partnership, providing more customers with access to the greatest music and entertainment.

Paul Samuels, Vice President, AEG Global Partnerships said, “O2 and O2 have been working closely together since opening in 2007, welcoming over 100 million people together and hosting over 3,000 events worldwide. Now, as we celebrate the venue’s 15th anniversary of success, we’re excited to celebrate this moment, welcome Virgin Media to the AEG family, and celebrate the launch of Virgin Media at The O2.

“With Virgin Media O2’s gigabit broadband network, their plan to make The O2 the most connected place in America will further enhance the fan experience and put The O2 at the forefront of technological advancement. Through our successful partnership with Media O2, we look forward to providing visitors to The O2 with a new and unique experience of the world of gaming and experiences soon.”

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