“Voice” fans were shocked when Gwen Stefani chose Kique over Tanner Howe.

NBC aired The Voice season 22 episode 11 on October 24th at 8pm EST. This week, Kique and Tanner How of group Gwen Stefani competed against each other for a place in the knockout. They sang Simple Minds’ Don’t You Forgot Me, which caught the attention of all the judges. John said he would choose Tanner Howe over Kique because of his confidence while performing. Blake and Camilla said they would hire Kike Gomez. Gwen Stefani felt that 18-year-old Kique was a ‘rough diamond’ with a crazy voice. She favored the removal of the latter by choosing him over Tanner Howe.

The Voice fans were disappointed with Gwen Stefani who chose Kique Gomez over Tanner Howe. A lot of people said they liked Tanner Howe’s voice more than Kique’s voice. @gwenstefani #TheVoice Gwen was so disappointed… One user tweeted. Fans felt Tanner Howe’s voice was very unique. So they were upset that Gwen didn’t choose him, but were discouraged by the fact that no judge had tried to steal him after Gwen Stefani was removed. @gwenstefani #TheVoice I can’t fully accept the fact that someone else wrote it and caused Tanner Howe to leave.

Fans were furious with Gwen Stefani for choosing Kike over Tanner Howe in Season 22 of The Voice.

Mentor Gwen Stefani on Voice Season 22, when it was an ideal opportunity to pick a winner after a round of battles between her group’s Robert ‘Kique’ Gomez and Tanner Howe. It was figuratively between a rock and a difficult point. Just as it’s not enough to compare the two vocal forces of her group, the famous mentor turned Simple Minds’ classic ‘Don’t You (*Forget About Me)’ into a battle round song! After a rehearsal session with Gwen Stefani and combat advisor Sean Paul, the team made a big comeback to deliver their final performance. By the end of their duet, celebrity coaches were only praising the pair. John Legend started the feedback session praising Kique and Tanner Howe’s perfect vocals, but thought Tanner Howe performed the song as if it had been written for him, so he chose Tanner Howe as the winner.

Blake Shelton felt that Kique was the ideal winner for him because his voice was so unique. Camila Cabello supported Blake and agreed that Kique was the most ideal winner of the fight. After time and deliberation, Gwen Stefani chose Kique as the winner, who she simply called a treasure awaiting discovery at the age of 18 with incredible abilities. Mentors, including Gwen Stefani, seemed satisfied with the judgment, but the ‘Voice’ fans did not share the same sentiment anyway. Some fans thought Tanner Howe should be named the winner of the battle round. A fan tweeted @gwenstefani #TheVoice the wrong decision. @gwenstefani #TheVoice Picked the wrong one. sorry. Configured the fan. @gwenstefani #TheVoice Gwen!! I think you should have gone with Tanner Howe and got a fan.

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