Vultr can now rent Nvidia’s A100 GPUs in the cloud.

BertrVultr Talon, a cloud platform that specializes in providing access to underlying infrastructure services at relatively low cost, today announced Vultr Talon, a new service that provides developers access to virtualized GPUs, starting with Nvidia’s A100 Tensor Core GPUs. announced the release. Prices are as follows: It’s as cheap as $0.134 an hour (or $90 a month) to access 1/20 of the A100’s computing power.

In general, if you need access to a high-end GPU for machine learning and similar use cases, the smallest unit you can buy is access to a full GPU. On the CPU side, it’s standard to buy only a fraction of the CPU’s performance, but for many use cases, such as inference, you only need access to a fraction of the CPU’s performance, but so far this has not been possible with GPUs. GPU’s computing power.

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Vultr claims its platform is the first to offer partial access to these high-end GPUs. The service is powered by the Nvidia AI Enterprise software suite, and Vultr CEO JJ Kardwell, who joined the company at the end of 2020, believes this is another advantage for his service. “If you think about the way the big cloud is deployed, you want to buy the GPU hardware and then push your own stack, whereas we are not just the GPU itself, but the Nvidia AI Enterprise software stack and full library set,” he said. The best way to take advantage is to use the Nvidia software stack. It’s a very different approach.”

vultr gpu visualization

Image Credits: Bertr

Also, a company that recently launched a managed Kubernetes platform. with general supply, has always remained a bit under the media radar, much of which was intended. As Kardwell told me, it hasn’t raised a lot of external funding since its 2014 launch, and today it has grown to ARR 125 million, relying mostly on word of mouth. That’s how the company’s founder and current chairman, David Aninowsky, wanted to create the Vultr. However, the team is clearly looking to raise their profile a bit higher, as the company is now reaching this scale and is likely to think about an IPO at some point in the future.

“We believe we are doing more than anyone else to democratize access to cloud computing globally. And I think it’s important for people to understand that mission when you’re going to do that,” he explained.

The A100 is now available in Vultr’s New Jersey data center and will be available in other locations in the coming weeks. The company also said it will add other Nvidia GPUs to its lineup later this year.

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