Walmart Expands Drone Delivery in Six States

More US customers have the option to receive Walmart shipments via flying drones.

Walmart on Tuesday presentation(Opens in a new window) By the end of this year, we are expanding our drone delivery network across six states. This insurance covers 4 million households in states including Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Utah and Virginia.

The delivery system works by using aerial drones to carry e-commerce orders from Walmart stores to customers’ homes. The drone then uses a deployable cable to gently lower the cargo near the house.

“Between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., you can order tens of thousands of eligible items, including Tylenol, diapers, and hot dog bread, for air delivery in 30 minutes. ‘ said the company.

(Picture: Walmart)

Walmart is offering drone delivery as a form of express delivery through the company’s existing two-hour, next-day, and two-day delivery service. Interested customers only pay $3.99 shipping and can place individual orders up to £10.

The drone is powered by a company called DroneUp, which has partnered with Walmart on its delivery system. In November, the retail giant launched three DroneUp hubs to support air-based drone deliveries for Walmart customers in northwest Arkansas.

Walmart said in an announcement Tuesday that its drone system has completed “hundreds of deliveries” through its existing hub and has received positive feedback from users. “Actually, at first we thought our customers would use this service for urgent items, but we found out that they are using the service purely for convenience, such as a quick fix for a weekday dinner. A case in point: One of the best selling items at one of the herbs right now is the hamburger helper,” the company added.

The new expansion includes creating additional DroneUp hubs at 34 Walmart sites by the end of the year. Additionally, all drones fly using certified human pilots instead of automation.

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