Walmart’s 2022 Black Friday Deal: Start Dates, Early Access Methods And More

The 2022 Lunar New Year holiday is fast approaching. After that, many people get excited to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas.

Walmart has also returned with ‘Black Friday Deals for Days’ every year for the past two years. The retailer kicks off the event earlier this year.

Here’s everything you need to know.

When will Walmart’s Black Friday Deals 2022 start?

Walmart has announced three events scheduled for November.

Sales for Event 1 will begin online on November 7th at 7pm EST and continue in stores through November 9th.

Additionally, deals for Event 2 will start online on November 14th at 7pm EST and continue in stores through November 16th.

Sales of the third event will begin online on November 21st at 7pm EST and continue in stores through November 25th.

Meanwhile, the Black Friday special event ends with the Cyber ​​Monday event scheduled for November 28.

Early Access to Walmart’s 2022 Black Friday Deal

Walmart customers who sign up for the retailer’s paid membership will be able to get the first benefit of this year’s Black Friday deal on all three discounted events.

Walmart+ Early Access for the first event runs November 7th from noon EST to 7:00 pm EST.

The second event on Walmart+ Early Access will run on November 14th from noon to 7pm EST.

Additionally, the Walmart+ Early Access Day 3 event runs November 21st from noon to 7pm EST.

About Walmart’s Black Friday Deals

Charles Redfield, Walmart US’s Vice President and Chief Merchandise Officer, made a statement about the retailer’s Black Friday Deals.

He said, ‘Black Friday has evolved over the years from a single day to an entire season and is undoubtedly the most anticipated shopping event of the year.’

He also said, ‘Our customers are looking forward to us more than ever to find the best gifts of the season while offering amazing discounts that only Walmart can offer.’

‘That’s why we continue to challenge ourselves every year to provide an unparalleled Black Friday experience,’ Redfield continued, ‘so we can deliver more of what our customers love.’

He also said, ‘It gives you more opportunities to buy more of Walmart’s best gifts, both online and in stores, easily and conveniently.’



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