Warner Bros. A leaked Discovery deck reveals how Discovery is pitching advertisers as the merged company prepares for its first TV prepayments.

  • Warner Bros. Discovery is preparing its first TV upfront investment as a merged company next week.
  • Insider has obtained sales data showing how the company is promoting Discovery to advertisers.
  • HGTV and TLC highlight Discovery’s lifestyle content and promote a rich and diverse audience.

Warner Bros. As Discovery prepares for its first TV upfront investment as a merged company, advertisers want advertisers to know that the Discovery attribute is premium with a “rich” and “diverse” audience.

Combining historic studios with cable power known for its low-cost, unscripted rates, the mega merger is expected to present a challenge for CEO David Zaslav.

The company has partnered with streamer Discovery+


Separately in advance Warner Bros. Jon Steinlauf, Head of Advertising for Discovery, USA told Ad AgeHowever, it is expected that the two services will eventually be combined.

Some of the other properties are expected to be pitched together. As Warner Bros. Discovery said using sports It combines assets like Turner Sports with lifestyle content from Discovery like TLC into a package to compete against rivals like NBC and Fox. One ad buyer briefed on the package said CPM rates would be between $70 CPM for prime time and $30 CPM for cable TV.

Buyers also speculated that Discovery could eventually underperform brands like Destination America, MotorTrend and TruTV. Warner Bros. Discovery declined to comment.

In a pre-presentation next week, Ad Buyers will see Warner Bros. While we wait to see exactly how Discovery turns out, the 60-page sales article obtained by Insider reveals how the company has been promoting Discovery to advertisers.

The deck heavily promotes talents like Oprah Winfrey and Guy Fieri, reality shows like TLC’s “Sister Wives” and “90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days,” and franchises like “Shark Week” and “Puppy Bowl.”

It also touts new features including dynamic ad insertion, Peacock from product NBCUniversal, and Amazon Prime Video. was also promoted.

Scroll down and select a slide that shows how Discovery sells its portfolio.

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