Warriors vs. Grizzlies Score: Memphis maintain postseason hopes with an overwhelming Game 5 against Golden State.

Memphis Grizzlies maintained their postseason hopes by winning Game 5 of the Golden State Warriors 134-95 at the FedExForum on Wednesday night. Memphis contributed up and down the roster with seven players winning double-digit runs.

The win prevents the Grizzlies from being eliminated and could potentially take them to Game 7 in Memphis if Game 6 in San Francisco wins in California this Friday. Here are the three main highlights of Game 5.

1. Not the worst explosion in playoff history.

Golden State was out of the history book with a 28-15 in the fourth quarter, but before that, the game had a historic opportunity. The biggest blow in playoff history was the 2009 Denver Nuggets victory over the then-New Orleans Hornets by 58 points. Grizzlies led 55 in the third quarter. Had they pushed, they would have won 60 or 70. We know they can. They won 73 of their regular season games against the Thunder in December.

Let’s focus on the competitive part of the game, which was the first three quarters. At that point, the Grizzlies were ahead by so many points that even after stealing all 17 three-pointers after the third quarter, they were still one-point 68-67. They won the third quarter with an outrageous 25 points. It took less than half of them to score a total of 98 points in Game 4. This may not be the worst playoff loss in NBA history, but it’s not far off either.

2. Masterpiece of Ball Control

The shot was not caught in the second half, but if you look at the percentage in the first half, you can see a relatively close match. The Warriors scored 47.4% of their field goals in the first half. Grizzlies succeeded 50.9 percent. The Warriors managed 39.1% of the first half. Grizzlies had a 44.4% success rate. Golden State even shot at a higher rate from the line. In general, looking at these numbers, you can expect a relatively close match. As we know, this game wasn’t close. why? Well, in the first half…

  • The Grizzlies had 10 more offensive rebounds than the Warriors.
  • The Warriors had 11 more turnovers than the Grizzlies.
  • As a result of these two factors, the Grizzlies attempted 18 more field goals than the Warriors.

It turns out that winning a basketball game without actually having a basketball is quite difficult. To some extent, it was predictable. The Grizzlies were the NBA’s best offensive rebounding team this season. Golden State’s motion and pass-heavy attacks make turnovers the equation, with the understanding that Warriors construct them by making all other possessions look cleaner. But those numbers are completely different.

Bringing Steven Adams back into the rotation certainly seems to have made a difference, and the Warriors without the Shooting Big Man don’t punish him defensively the way they did in Minnesota. But part of the problem here was a lethargic basketball night for the Warriors, who were expecting a win over a depleted opponent. Now they have Gary Payton II and possibly Otto Porter Jr. You will have to play game 6 without it. You know that defeat will have to play Game 7 on the road to determine the fate of the season. These are areas the Warriors need to lose, but there is no excuse for their loss on Wednesday.

3. Control’s cursor

Would you believe me when I say Warriors interim manager Mike Brown still has a 12-1 record for Steve Kerr after that failure? you’re right. The Sacramento Kings’ incoming coach continues their undefeated streak with an 11-0 record to Kerr in the 2017 playoffs. He took his 12th win in his 4th game. Finally, in the fifth game, he tasted his first defeat, but it was really ugly.

His fourth game win left neither side to spend at home. You don’t need double-digit reversals to beat opponents who don’t have the best players on the home floor. But that’s the kind of basketball the Warriors have played in their last two games. Sloppy, poorly focused, and lazy. Stephen Curry rescued them in his 4th game because he is Stephen Curry. He can do that sometimes. Nothing could save them from Game 5’s genocide.

Did the loss come under Kerr’s command? maybe. No coach is worth 40 points in a game. But the Warriors haven’t looked like the Warriors since their coach contracted COVID-19. Getting him back to the bench as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance here. They are already missing Payton and possibly Porter. Being without a coach only makes things more difficult.

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