Watch: A video of a toddler assaulting a police officer and calling him an ‘Oreo head’ is trending.

In a recent video, Minnesota police showed a young child swearing on the way to an arrest. On July 10, local journalist Alpha News uploaded a scary video to YouTube.

The New York Post reported that the video was filmed last week in St. Paul. The video also showed a child assaulting and swearing at the police. According to Sheila Qualls’ account of the case on Alpha News, police received a search warrant for the murder suspect when they arrived at the scene.

Reportedly, the original video was about two minutes long. However, Alpha News only published a 30-second excerpt. The media claimed that the child involved in the video threw pebbles at the police.

The police were abused by a toddler who called himself ‘Oreo Head’.

An unknown teenager was blatantly abusing the police while wearing only underwear. According to the video, the young boy urged the policeman to “Shut Up!”

The young man also joked about the officer’s shoes. According to the New York Post, officers appeared to be wearing ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) attire. In response, the young man said that his boots were ‘ugly church shoes’.

The young Minnesota called one of the officers an “Oreo Head” and the other a cop. The term “Oreo head” was used to mean ridiculing the police and favoring white people.

Possible explanations for infants petulance

George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in Minneapolis made headlines in 2020 in Minnesota, and the young man may have seen older people behave against the police during his lifetime.

Three days before the incident, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 20 years in prison for second-degree murder by a late guard and violating Floyd’s constitutional rights.

There is no documented relationship between the infant and the intent to find a murder suspect at the scene, but it is possible that the boy knew the culprit.

Online users respond to video

In the meantime, countless Internet users have shared their thoughts on this trending video. Many tweets hinted that parental negligence was responsible for the child’s behavior.

Commented by a user who learned from a young age that police are terrible. They are doomed to fail from the start.

According to other users, it is natural to hear that your uncle or father was murdered by young men in blue. Absolutely normal.

Another member said that I work with teenage men in a mental institution. This is a significant part of today’s youth. Race is not a factor at all.

Another netizen said, “It’s so sad.” Obviously, it is very tragic that a non-parent could instruct a child to behave that way. It learned everything allowed!

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