WATCH: A video of Dustin Martin grabbing a woman’s breasts has resurfaced online.

A video of Dustin Martin touching a woman’s breasts is under scrutiny as it threatens to cloud Richmond’s readiness for Thursday night’s match against Brisbane. Superstar Dustin Martin, who has been playing in the AFL for quite some time after recovering from a hamstring injury, has been spotted in a video circulated on social media. The video reportedly showed Dustin Martin walking behind her without her consent and touching her breasts. It’s unclear when and where the incident occurred, but the idea is that there are footage from end-of-season events over the past five years.

Tigers manager Damien Hardwicke had no idea about the footage when asked about it at a press conference outside Gabba on Wednesday. According to the Herald Sun, the recording is being investigated by the AFL. Unwanted chaos comes as Richmond kicks off Thursday night’s final against the Lions. This is because the Tigers are aiming to win the Premier League from 7th place. The 31-year-old hasn’t played since he strained his hamstrings against the West Coast on 3 July. Damien Hardwick says Dustin Martin, ‘about 80%’, will probably spend most of his time attacking the ball.

A shocking video leak of superstar Dustin Martin caressing a topless woman’s breasts!

AFL superstar Dustin Martin was captured on video as he sat on another man’s lap and shook the chest of a topless woman. A shocking video was leaked just before the AFL final. It shows the Richmond star treats her drink before caressing her breasts from behind. Diverse men walking away with Dustin Martin lounging around the table with a grin. The video appears to have been filmed at a strip bar or club, but the exact location and time are blurred. According to the Daily Mail, an AFL official said, “I found out about the video uploaded through social media. We are looking for additional data.’

Tigers manager Damien Hardwicke claimed he had no knowledge of the video prior to his team playing against the Brisbane Lions on Wednesday, August 31st. There is an old video similar to Dusty’s 2017 on Twitter this afternoon. Looks like it’s the Richmond event. 7 News reporter Thom Browne asked him. no. I do not know. Tigers Coach Damien Hardwick answered.

Dustin Martin is known to have been recovering from a hamstring injury since round 16. He is due to play in Brisbane on Thursday 1st September. The 31-year-old superstar reportedly launched DRIP, a fitness and wellness app, with friends in July. 2021 was a tough year for Dustin Martin. Within a year, Martin lost his father and suffered a serious kidney injury. He suffered a kidney injury against Brisbane last July and missed a few games. After the episode, he lost 10 kg and had an extreme slow time.

He spent a long time in NSW away from the Tigers for personal reasons. Numerous critics and fans believe Dustin Martin could live in New South Wales next year. A month ago, reporter Sam McClure said that it is very likely that Dustin Martin will not play for Richmond next year because we are staying here. Sydney continues to be referenced. He had a cult of Sydney… So if he has a desire to go to Sydney, Sydney will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Damien Hardwick said at a press conference a month ago: “Whatever Dustin’s choices are ultimately up to him, and frankly, he has my approval. What he gave to me, to us, and to our fans was special.

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