Watch: A video of thieves lifting a car from a gas station in less than 7 seconds

A car left idle at a gas station in Watertown Connecticut, Connecticut, was stolen in just seven seconds, authorities said. Authorities said others had been warned of thieves waiting in the parking lot. The car robbery took place around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday at a Shell gas station in Watertown, about 30 miles southwest of Hartford. Local police said a dark Nissan Altima car was driving while the driver entered a Watertown gas station, leaving the key inside.

A video shared on the Watertown Police Department’s Facebook page shows a red car making a quick stop and stopping near Nissan Altima on the left at a Watertown gas station. Someone rushes out and gets into a moving vehicle and takes off. According to police, the vehicle was stolen in about seven seconds. Local authorities have identified a similar vehicle robbery in a CVS where the driver had also left keys inside the night before.

Video shows thieves stealing cars from a Watertown, Connecticut gas station

A car was stolen from a Shell gas station at Straits Turnpike in Watertown, Connecticut, in broad daylight on Sunday and recorded on surveillance cameras. In the video, the two suspects can be seen escaping with an empty car in just 7 seconds. According to authorities, the owner left the key in the car and entered the gas station building. In light of the new Sunday Watertown theft, authorities encouraged people to keep their car keys and cars in check. This theft is certainly not an isolated case.

According to Bankrate, more than 810,400 vehicles were confiscated in 2020, and full information was accessible nationwide last year. This is an estimated 12% increase in theft since 2019. Numerous vehicle robberies occur because owners neglect to remove keys from their vehicles, according to the National Insurance Crime Agency. It is estimated that there were 230,000 robberies between 2016 and 2018.

The FBI said there were 15371 kidnappings in 2020 in the New England area where Connecticut is located. That’s the same rate as about 104 kidnappings per 100,000 people. The vehicle found in the new Watertown gas station incident, the Nissan Altima, is the sixth most stolen vehicle in the United States. In 2021, Ken Barone, deputy director of the City and Regional Planning Institute at the University of Connecticut, told individuals on the Juvenile Justice Policy and Oversight Board that rates of motor vehicle robberies across Connecticut began to decline around 2020.

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