WATCH: BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’ V-pole dance video are going viral.

Fans of the K-pop group BLACKPINK and BTS are still suspicious of their eyes when they see the video of BTS V and BLACKPINK’s Lisa pole dance in Paris. Yes, it sounds like a dream, but it’s true. The duo stars recently attended an after-party to show off their pole dancing talent. Leaving everyone, including the fans, becomes a dog for a while.

Read in advance for details about Lisa of BLACKPINK and V of BTS, who captivated fans with their pole dancing in Paris.

BTS and Black Pink attended the French fashion show.

Meanwhile, BTS and Black Pink keep their promises and continue to travel to numerous destinations. The two recently visited France to attend a fashion show. Both are very busy individually with tours and shows. Seeing the duo at the after-party was literally a fun time for them.

However, at the fashion show, both V (Kim Tae-hyung) and Park Bo-gum were seen. At one point, V even met Eddie Redmayne. Afterwards, the two shared a hug. However, a moment that is hard to miss on a trip to France was definitely the after-party attended by BTS and Blackpink members.

BTS V and Blackpink Lisa pole dance video is a hot topic.

Videos of BTS and Black Pink are circulating on Twitter, where V and Lisa are trying to pole dance. Yes, in a viral video that is spreading like crazy, you can see V in a white T-shirt and black pants smiling as he spins around a dancing pole at an after-party in Paris.

In addition, the video showed Blackpink’s Lisa wearing a beautiful black dress with boots. A place where she also wants to jump and pole dance. Clearly, this video has made the internet hot. Fans of the duo can’t believe what they saw.

Fan reaction to V and Lisa’s pole dance

Fans of BTS and Blackpink were enthusiastic about the duo’s pole dance video. Their reaction to viral video is priceless. Therefore, some of them wrote that seeing them dancing seemed to be hallucinating.

Meanwhile, one fan responded that he could watch pole dance for free. Some fans were so amazed that they couldn’t believe their eyes after seeing them dance.

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