Watch: Boosie BadAzz punches a white Dolemite after YouTuber tries a ‘boy’ prank.

Despite his best efforts, controversial YouTuber White Dolemite was unsuccessful attempting his infamous “boy” prank on Boosie BadAzz. In a YouTube video shared on Sunday (November 20), White Dolemite shared a viral video. The clip shows the White Dolemite approaching Boosie at a grocery store with three others, a child and a woman. Could you pass me some mac and cheese? He told me to hand it to him now. The racist request embarrasses Boosie BadAzz and his team. “We’re going to beat your ass,” the man with the Boosie asks another member of the Boosie team. “Who are you talking to? It’s Boosie,” says the White Dolemite. “I’m the real BadAzz.” Now, hand it over, dear.

Boosie’s teammates applaud when you fall. I’m going to beat your fucking ass in this year. what? what? Don’t talk to him like that. As a bewildered Boosie gets busy asking if he’s kidding, the rapper’s monitor coolly cuts the YouTuber right before the video cuts. Boosie BadAzz has been putting it down until recently after various spats with the cops that went viral midway through this year. In July, a video of him being detained by the Georgia State Police was leaked to the web. In the video, the Louisiana rapper threatened to spit on his associates after continuously protesting his persistent provocations. In that case, he was allegedly in possession of cannabis. A month later, he was detained once again in Georgia and went viral after recording himself rapping “Set It Off” and “Fuck the Police” to officials.

YouTuber White Dolemite Tries A Boy Prank On Rapper Bossie, But Hits Him Back

YouTubers got in trouble while pranking Boosie Badazz. The YouTuber known as the White Dolemite is known for playing pranks on people in public. As a result, things went wrong when Boosie Badazz was approached for a video. In a video posted over the weekend, the Atlanta-based content creator shared a recent prank with Boosie. White Dolemite asks the BR rapper to bring him a box of mac and cheese dressed in overalls, a red shirt, and a cowboy hat. Honey, can you pass me some mac and cheese? White Dolemite asks. Boosie Badazz looks very confused after hearing the racist question. He then doubles down and demands, “Boy, give it to me now, boy.”

A woman, a child, and three men were with Boosie at the grocery store. Boosie Badazz came to the aid of the three men despite not speaking during the entire conversation. One of the men said to the White Dolemite. We’re going to slap you on the ass. Another said, “Who are you talking to? Dolemite replied arrogantly. “Boosie. I am the real BadAzz. Give it now, dear. i’m gonna spank your fucking ass what? One of Boosie Badazz’s co-workers told him not to talk like that. Boosie seemed to be trying to get to the bottom of the matter at this point. When the rapper asked White Dolemite if he was joking, he was slapped. The White Dolemite has attempted the prank several times, but it is unclear whether it was staged.

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