WATCH: BTS’ V and Lizzo are vibrating the latter hit, About Damn Time Video Viral.

BTS Rizzo and V (Kim Tae-hyung) showed off that they are best friends! The former left a group event for ARMYs and released a solo vlog depicting his life.

Lizzo’s fun and upbeat song About Damn Time was one of many videos in a one-hour vlog where BTS V discussed his music development and shared his driving playlist with fans.

In this trending video, a member of BTS, known as V, is showing off her radiant beauty from various camera angles, such as grooving a part of the song and shaking her head to the beat.

He wore no makeup and looked more imposing than ever in a salmon pink shirt and gold chain.

Lizzo came to Twitter shortly after posting a video to share the joy of V dancing to one of his hit songs.

Besides Twitter, Rizzo also revealed that BTS V danced to ‘About Damn Time’ by posting a video on TikTok that sparked a new dance craze.

Then, on Instagram, she mimicked his movements by recreating his improvisations to his song. She inserted a video of the idol on the side to show their ideal friendship.

BTS V and singer Rizzo introduce a new pseudonym ‘Bizzo’

V of BTS started an infinite loop of friendship and love by posting a video to his Instagram story to repay love and gratitude. She not only introduced her friend’s name on the photo-sharing app ‘Vizzo’, she said.

She enthusiastically embraces this new “friendship” nickname with V and shows how she crosses linguistic and cultural boundaries.

It’s no secret that Lizzo is a weak being for Jimin and V, the 95 members of BTS. For those unfamiliar, the favorite member of a group is called “bias” in K-pop slang.

She appeared in the live lounge on BBC Radio1, playing the group’s famous summer song, Butter, and wore a stylish black tube top engraved with “VMIN”. The etymology of combining their names is ‘VMIN’.

In a viral video, she fangirled for the group while singing a song about her friendship with them.

Also, at the Harry Styles concert in Los Angeles, Rizzo and his sister spent time with BTS Jimin, V, and J-Hope.

Along with the other members of the group, Lizzo and her sister Vanessa had a great time at the Harry Styles event and even took pictures there.

In a recent video, BTS’ V talked about difficulties while working on a solo album.

On July 9, known as ARMY Day, BTS V released a Vlog, the best gift they can give to their fans.

V went to the dentist to share his favorite driving playlist with his followers and even showed off his golf skills. He shared various stories about his long-awaited debut solo album and the worries he had while making the album.

BTS’ V revealed. “There are so many things I want to do.” If I did everything on the list, I had to shoot 8 music videos, so I was like, ‘Huh? How did this happen?’ So I narrowed it down to that. [the present stage].”

He said he also came up with the ideal idea for the photo shoot and will release it at an appropriate time.

V said he was quite critical of himself and would not release a mixtape (tentative name KTH1) unless he was completely satisfied with his song.

It also conveyed sad news, such as deleting all songs and leaving only unreleased songs.

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