WATCH: Chance The Rapper’s wife speaks to trolls coming to her on social media

Chance The Rapper’s wife Kirsten Corley is speaking out after being ridiculed because Chance The Rapper clearly liked Twitter posts highlighting pornography. On Friday, October 21st, Kirsten Corley on her Instagram commented on her recent uproar through her social media and the trolling she is receiving as a result of the incident. “All of you will truly come,” she said in her selfie video, which was released to her own Instagram story. Also, he will never comment on this matter. But I must simply say. We literally attended the event late into the night all last night. We were celebrating. Shit happens here and there along this line. So all trolls coming to my page being blocked can get lost. Have an amazing day!!!! She composes on the video.

Kirsten Corley’s reaction came after Chance The Rapper went viral on October 20th. Twitter users disliked posts with trance p*rn after Chicago rappers liked them. So Chance The Rapper didn’t know that likes were publicized on Twitter. One individual consisted of a screenshot of a liked tweet, along with a crying and smiling emoji. So Chance The Rapper publicly liked and liked transgender porn. How do I manage this information? Someone else posted it. Do you all want us to throw stones at niggas? grow. Chance The Rapper has been silent on the subject, encouraging his wife to talk about it.

Chance for rapper’s wife, Christen Corley, to react to backlash over rapper’s favorite tweet

Chance rapper’s wife has defended the Grammy Award-winning rapper after she started trending this week for allegedly ‘liked’ pornography on Twitter. The tweets mentioned were posted by a transgender account back in March and asked users to choose between three types of trans content: ‘dating’, ‘adult games’ and webcams, all hyperlinked. Surprisingly, the ‘Like’ quickly caused a stir through social media. While many defended Chano, others responded in a biased and transphobic manner, some of which were aimed at Chano The Rapper’s wife, Kirsten Corley Bennett. On Friday, Kirsten Corley Bennett used social media to hide misinformation and combat annoying trolls. She accused the skeptics of exaggerating anything, and she claimed that Chances’ ‘likes’ were not intentional.

You all truly reach’ she started. He will never deal with this matter. But I have to say briefly that we were at the event all evening… late last night, in a real sense. We were celebrating, and sometimes you accidentally ‘liked’ shit. So little trolls that come to your page, pages that get blocked, can all go to hell. Chance and Kirsten Corley started dating in 2013 and got married six years after the fact became known. Fans are considering whether or not Chance was perceived as unliked by individuals after the transfer, as the ‘Like’ tab was no longer displayed on the post. Meanwhile, some fans felt that the reaction to his tweet likes showed one more important thing. People who say they’ll unston Chance The Rapper [because] He likes trans porn, but at the same time has partnered with a Stan artist or an individual who has been accused of sexual harassment and rape on multiple occasions. While other users encouraged their social media gestures, they argued that users shouldn’t say these kinds of things.

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