WATCH: Doja Cat scolded by Island Boys members on TikTok Live

Doja Cat got into trouble when she happened to go live with one of the members of the rap duo Island Boys.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Doja Cat trapped in live session with Island Boys member

On September 26, a video of Doja Cat started circulating on social media. It contains an awkward meeting with Fly Soul of the Irish Voice, who accidentally joined TikTok Live.

Moreover, Seiso tried to escape without panic, showing a surprised look. She even asked for help from Flyysoulja. But the tattooed rhymes didn’t seem very exciting.

The 26-year-old rapper asked, “How can I quit live?” Excuse me, but I don’t want to do this anymore.’

At this, the fly magician said, ‘Are you trying to get me out of the live? I’m serious? Okay. Do you want to get me out live? Is your attention span too short?’

@dojafantasy She didn’t want to talk to him 😂😂 #dojacat #ceramic #for you #fish #viral #funny #comedy #female rapper #lab #islandboys ♬ Original sound – DojaFantasy

Then Doja Cat says, ‘Yes, it’s too small.’

The 21-year-old artist said, ‘Yeah, my attention is low, but… ‘ retorts.

But Doja Cat said, ‘How do you do it? help’

Flyysoulja said Doja Cat was like ‘Look at me!’

Fortunately, the Planet Her rapper ends the live session after that and the video ends.

Doja Cat trolls fans with a new album genre.

Doja Cat is currently working on a new studio album. It will be the sequel to her Grammy-nominated Planet Her.

However, she recently mocked fans on Twitter, hinting at the artistic direction of the new untitled project.

In one of her tweets, Doja Cat said, ‘I’m not doing a German rave culture album.

Then he said, ‘I’m releasing an R&B album. Straight R&B, no rap at all.’

She continued, ‘I was lying. I’m making an experimental jazz album. I thought it would be funny to make you believe I was doing R&B, but I knew it would work, but now I’m doing experimental jazz, to be honest.’

However, later she revealed that her new album would eventually be in the rock genre. She even shared the title of the album ‘Rock Out Volume 1 The Abyss 5000’.


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