WATCH: GloRilla finds out the fox is real Video Goes Viral

GloRilla is currently riding word of mouth for her hilarious reaction when she discovers that foxes are real and not mysterious creatures.

Here’s everything you need to know.

GloRilla learns the truth about foxes

Gloria is currently traveling all over Europe after the success of ‘Let’s Go’ (FNF).

However, a video of her reaction to learning that the fox is real now dominates social media.

This video was initially shared on the official account of the Kiss Fresh radio station.

They’re like, ‘What?! @glorillapimp has never seen a fox!’

The 23-year-old rapper recently visited a London radio station for an interview. Moreover, during the exchange, the host explained that the city is currently facing a fox problem.

Just in case, an estimated 10,000 nocturnal creatures roam the capital of England.

They can often be seen roaming the city streets at night, digging through trash cans. Reports also suggest that some foxes have even entered people’s homes.

Still, GloRilla expressed shock when learning about the city’s threats.

She said to the presenter, ‘Did you get it from here? fox?’

Besides, she sat blankly with a puzzled expression on her face.

GloRilla asks ‘Is that normal?’

On the other hand, the host inadvertently said, ‘They are the owners of this street.

Besides, GloRilla seems to be confused as to why Londoners aren’t surprised about animals.

‘So do they like dogs?’ she adds.

After a while she finally said, ‘I can’t believe it. I didn’t even know the fox was real.’

GloRilla Addresses Brazilian Butt Lift Rumors

GloRilla took the official Twitter account to disseminate facts about ongoing rumors that she had surgery on her back to improve it.

She said ‘No one can tell me I’m fat’

Then the blessed singer continued, ‘Do you know how many people ask me how many BBLs I have per day????’.

Meanwhile, she applauded users who criticized her body in another tweet.

She wrote: ‘This is the last time we deal with this issue. [used] With this slender body, pretty** green eyes and my big, beautiful nose, ‘because shit hasn’t changed.’


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