Watch: Group Attacks New York Jewelery Store in Smash-and-Grab Heist

Police released surveillance video of the four suspects using a sledgehammer and crowbar to steal items from a jewelry store in Yonkers, New York on Thursday.

Yonkers Police Department (YPD) decided Police were called to the Golden Square Jewelery Store on Block 100 South Broadway at 5:20 pm after a masked man was reported to have smashed a window in the store with a hammer. According to the YPD, the perpetrators used a crowbar along with a large hammer to break the window. The officers arrived within minutes, but the party fled in a dark SUV.

Police said a search for the vehicle continued and the vehicle was later located near Park Hill. According to the YPD, the suspects continued to flee the vehicle and officers pursued them before the vehicle crashed into “the retaining wall of a residential home on Marshall Road, just east of Birch Road.” Four suspects fled the SUV after the crash, two of whom were arrested minutes later, and a third was detained within an hour.

“Neighborhood boundaries have been established in the Park Hill and Tibbetts Park areas as Yonkers Police and Westchester County Police continue to search for a fourth suspect,” the YPD said.

YPD mentioned that it identified him, but he remains big.

The suspects arrested are Alfred Long, 35, Nikem Alston, 21, and Alexander Wilson, 21. All men are from the Bronx, and Alston is said to have given officers the pseudonym Tyrese Robinson “to cover up an arrest warrant in connection with a 2019 New York City attempted murder charge.”

Only Long and Alston were charged as Wilson was injured during the crash and remains at the local trauma center. Prosecution will be forthcoming soon, police said. Long and Altston both face a Class B felony, first degree robbery. Class 2 Mass Theft, Class C Felony; and a third-degree robbery, a class-D felony.

The owner of the Golden Square jewelry store said the suspect took about $100,000 in gold and jewellery, and YPD found some of the stolen items from the SUV.

YPD Director Chris Sapienza said: “The Yonkers Police Department will not take any action against the perpetrators of this blatant, lawless and violent act.” “We will devote all our resources to tracking them down, arresting them and holding them accountable.”

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