WATCH: IShowSpeed ​​Fireworks Fail on July 4th Stream Video Viral from the Internet

After airing on Monday, July 4, Darren Watkins Jr. (aka IShowSpeed ​​or Speed) quickly became a hit on social media. He is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and lit Pikachu firecrackers in his room to mark the 4th of July.

Controversial YouTubers seem to have underestimated fireworks and probably thought they were light sprinklers. Speed ​​made the situation even more dangerous by lighting a Pikachu-shaped fireworks next to another fireworks box on the bed.

The fire did not spread to others due to the Pikachu fireworks display. The entire incident was broadcast on YouTube, and many debaters urged the 17-year-old boy to set off fireworks outside. It was where the brook was stopped by a firefighter in his room who may have been called due to safety concerns in his bedroom.

IShowSpeed ​​is enough to light a fire in his bedroom with fireworks.

IShowSpeed ​​picked up the Pikachu fireworks for live streaming and started unpacking them from a video feed. Then he said in the chat:

“I’m doing a lot of fireworks right now. I will light Pikachu on fire. Personally, I don’t think it’s that loud.”

However, at first a few sparkles subsided and then the flame burst into a blazing flame. As the Pikachu Fireworks Fireworks fired up at incredible speed, a terrified scream was heard. The YouTuber called her mother during the incident. The fireworks appeared to explode in stages, and sparks eventually fired from the figure’s limbs.

You can hear IShowSpeed’s mother later in the stream. As expected, Speed’s mother rebuked the 17-year-old boy after witnessing his prank. Darren was heard talking to his mother downtown.

As the sparks ignited, they began to explode like crackers, which further surprised the speed. When YouTuber immediately decided to throw Pikachu to the ground, the fireworks began to erupt in a spinning fashion. This choice may have prevented further damage to Speed’s bedroom as it placed the flame on top of another chest containing a combustible flame item.

Both IShowSpeed ​​and his mother appear unharmed after a potentially dangerous situation. However, it is currently unknown how much damage to his bedroom was. This issue has not yet been addressed by a YouTube user in a social media post.

Internet users respond to July 4th stream’s fireworks failure.

Many online users called YouTubers “crazy” after streaming. Other producers such as King Sejong Institute concerned Speed ​​and his mother also responded to the tragedy.

The speed is different, amazing, King Sejong Institute exclaimed. I wish him and his mother well.

He also lied to the firefighters.

Another user reported that IShowSpeed ​​set fire to his room and set his house on fire before the fire department arrived.

Another reported that ishowspeed, which has 175,000 viewers, had to stop streaming by lighting up Pikachu firecrackers in their bedroom before the fire alarm went off. I’m at a loss for more to say.

One user said he finally decided to watch the Ishowspeed stream to learn more about him. The first thing I noticed was that he set Pikachu fireworks on the bed, which filled the room with smoke.

In the meantime, many tweets mocked the scenario, and some were surprised that IShowSpeed ​​didn’t falsify the story until the firefighters arrived. Streamer reactions have spawned numerous memes. However, some took the experience as a serious lesson for others, and reminded everyone of the dangers associated with making fireworks in confined spaces.

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