Watch: Jennifer Lopez performs Ben Affleck’s new song in wedding video

Jennifer Lopez took to the dance floor to serenade her spouse Ben Affleck with a new song at their Georgia wedding on August 20th. As can be seen in the video distributed by TMZ, Marry Me entertainer joined a group of backing up dancers and performed to the entertainer, who sat in a chair a few feet away from the woman of the time. Jennifer Lopez, in a silver Ralph Lauren wedding dress, pointed to Ben Affleck and sang a song about not getting enough passionate love with never-ending flames.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot for the second time in Argo celebrity’s Georgia estate. The multi-day affair came just over a month after the couple were legally married at an unexpected Las Vegas event on July 16th. Jennifer Lopez shared her insights on her first wedding via her ‘On JLo’ pamphlet. “Last night we went on a trip to Las Vegas, and four other couples lined up to get our licenses and they all made a similar trip to the wedding capital of the world.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez’s wedding to Ben Affleck was a splendid, feature-rich event suitable for 20 years of marriage. Plus, by the way, she ended the week’s fun at the Georgia mansion of a loved one with a performance in which the singer herself devotes herself to her recharged love. No, what she wrote explicitly for Ben Affleck wasn’t Marry Me or ‘El Anillo’ or ‘I Luh Ya Papi’. TMZ is said to have released a clip of Jennifer Lopez performing the song ‘Can’t Get Enough’ with backing dancers in a wedding dress in front of Ben Affleck, where she is sitting.

You know I still love you Before Jennifer Lopez sings, before letting her crowd snare her, ‘You know, I’m not good enough!’ TMZ’s music critics pointed out the addictive hook, saying, ‘The lyrics are really sad’. Likewise, this outlet looked like Ben Affleck ‘really enjoyed in the front row seat. Look at the lovely expression the bride sees wielding her things.’

After a private wedding in Las Vegas a month ago, the couple married on Saturday with more than 100 visitors on an 87-acre Oscar-winning celebrity-owned property on the Hampton Island Reservation, Georgia. The main event, hosted by Jay Shetty, reportedly took place in a courtyard covered with lots of candles in a backyard under a white structure in bloom. Everyone in the main event wore white sportswear. The festivities also included a traditional southern-inspired family-style dinner on Friday.

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