Watch: Lil Pump Diss Russ About Tour Cancellation Due to Mental Health

Lil Pump dissed Russ about his European tour cancellation due to mental health issues. Many trips are coming soon. We are united with fans who are expecting rapper Russ to perform on their European tour. But that’s not happening right now, and Lil Pump has denied Russ’s decision.

Read ahead to learn more about Russ’ European tour cancellation over Lil Pump’s mental health concerns.

Russ cancels European tour due to mental health concerns

There were so many musical tours this year. Some have even published headliners for the event. One of the rappers, Russ, is also set to tour Europe soon. But it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen now.

Russ recently announced that he would not be performing on a European tour due to mental health issues. He expressed regret for his decision and shared his news on social media. He also said that fans can get refunds for their European tour tickets.

Lil Pump Discloses Russ’ European Tour Cancellation

Russ had to perform on more than 20 dates and it seemed impossible due to mental health issues. Nicki Minaj, The Game and Blxst supported Russ’s decision to cancel his European tour. Lil Pump seems unsure of his decision.

In his recent IG story, Lil Pump went on to diss Russ about canceling his European tour. Although he did not name Russ in his post. “But you know who I’m talking to, sweetheart. Your Ass* Canceled Your Entire Europe Trip… . Get on that damn plane and go to the show… .”.

Russ’ reaction to Lil Pump’s comment

The position of Lil Pump he speaks of is evident. Meanwhile, fans have always seen Lil Pump and Russ not getting along well with each other.

However, when Ruth’s European tour was canceled, long-standing conflicts between each other once again sparked fire. Certainly Lil Pump said everything he wanted to say. Russ still has the same reaction.

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