WATCH: Lil Pump not recognized while standing in huge crowd in Japan

American rapper Lil Pump is being criticized online for a TikTok video where she is confused about not recognizing herself while standing in a huge crowd in Japan. The TikTok platform is a prime place for content to go viral on the internet, and analysts certainly don’t keep an eye on the most recent patterns, trends and influencers of the application. A mainstream celebrity recently took the stage on a trip to Japan, and commentators couldn’t resist the opportunity to laugh at the bewildered reaction of what was happening around them.

American rapper Lil Pump traveled to the Land of the Late Rising Sun, but one part of his trip is making headlines on the web. In a TikTok clip, Lil Pump remains on a bustling Tokyo road with crowds surrounding him. On a regular basis in America, he’s probably been called upon by fans… But in Japan he doesn’t seem as unmistakable to the average person. Lil Pump seemed completely bewildered by this new development, and, to his surprise, raised his hand in noticeable embarrassment and TikTok could not fully understand his expression.

The Lil Pump is being baked on TikTok with an unrecognized reaction in Japan.

Rapper Lil Pump has been the subject of internet jokes after videos of groups passing him by in Japan were released. A video of the 22-year-old rapper, who was born Gazzy García and became popular in 2017 with a multi-platinum single called Gucci Gang, went viral on social media platforms on Monday. The viral clip garnered 2 million views on TikTok, 7 million views on Twitter, and many responses on Reddit’s Sad Cringe forums.

The clip shows Lil Pump standing on a congested road and bewildered to see no one stopping to take a photo or sign. The rapper looked around him eagerly and seemed to finally surrender and shrug his shoulders to uninterested onlookers. The video caused a sensation on the web as viewers criticized the author’s confusing reaction. I like being able to see celebrities go unrecognized and it harms their inner selves, a user of TikTok said. He could be close to home wearing a T-shirt that reads Lil Pump and I didn’t know who he was, another user on Twitter said he was dragging rapper Lil Pump.

The rapper previously caused controversy online for supporting President Donald Trump in 2020. In any case, he appeared at a pre-political decision rally where the former president accidentally introduced him as a ‘little pimp’. He did not give in to his mistakes and urged the crowd to decide in favor of Donald Trump and not in favor of ‘Sleep Joe’ (Biden). His support for Donald Trump has provoked contempt from a variety of celebrities, including supermodel Bella Hadid, who publicly referred to Lil Pump as an ‘irresponsible’ and a ‘loser’.

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