WATCH: Lil Tjay finally speaks after surviving seven gunshots

Rapper Lil Tjay has one last word to say to fans after surviving a fatal attack in which he received seven gunshot wounds. Last June, Tjay suffered a fatal attack and took a break from rapping and performing. Because he had to have surgery. He survived seven attacks and finally got a message to all his fans.

Read ahead to learn more about breaking the silence post where Lil Tjay finally survives a fatal attack on him.

Rapper Lil Tjay was shot seven times in June.

Attacks on rappers are no longer uncommon. We’ve also previously learned about fatal attacks on rappers. But back to June of this year. The Promenade at Edgewater, New Jersey had rapper Lil Tjay.

There, the rapper received a fatal attack on him. Where the attacker shot the rapper about 7 times. Posts where the rapper was immediately hospitalized for medical assistance. However, since then, he hasn’t done much of his social media activity and hasn’t been doing well due to his serious condition.

Fans were worried about rapper Lil Tjay.

Rapper Lil Tjay is famous among his fans. His millions of fans were sad when they learned about the attack on the rapper. Fans are constantly cheering for his speedy recovery.

But for all concerned fans, he has made a statement that he is on the road to recovery. Recently, he came up with something surprising for his fans while surviving a devastating attack in New Jersey. He delivered a message to all his fans that clearly hinted at the rapper’s current status.

Lil Tjay broke the silence after surviving 7 attacks.

After a hard time with a fatal injury, he was in New Jersey. Lil Tjay has finally prepared a special message for his fans. On Wednesday, he said it was tough for him with seven shots. Because people usually don’t survive. But, he said, “there is a reason.”

Hopefully, Lil Tjay is now thinking of going back to the studio. He also reassured fans that new music would be coming from him soon. Therefore, fans are eagerly waiting for him to work again.

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