WATCH: Lori Harvey’s personal video leaked on Twitter, and fans criticized Michael B. Jordan.

Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey went viral on social media after her s*x tape leaked online.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Lori Harvey claimed the s*x tape surface on the internet.

Lori is now the talk of town after rumors of her s*x tape spread online.

Rumors began Thursday, August 18, when an anonymous social media user claimed to have seen Harvey become intimate.

Harvey’s name, along with the word ‘tape’, has since gone viral on Twitter, hinting at the existence of this clip.

Meanwhile, some fans believe the rumors are groundless, while others are scouring the internet for clips.

The 25-year-old model and entrepreneur made headlines after breaking up with professional athlete Michael B. Jordan.

The couple started dating at the end of 2020 and haven’t been separated for 12 months since. However, the two announced their breakup in June 2022.

An official said, ‘Michael and Laurie both suffered a lot. They still love each other.’

Steve Harvey’s daughter has also previously dated rapper Future. She had been dating him for less than six months in 2020.

Social media users react to Lori Harvey’s alleged s*x tape

Following rumors of Lori Harvey’s allegations of s*x tapes, many users took to Twitter to express their feelings.

Some fans are blaming Harvey’s former partners like Michael B. Jordan and Future for the leaked video.

One netizen wrote, “I uploaded a tape of Rory Harvey saying that Michael B Jordan was enough.”

Someone said, ‘It was Props Future that leaked it’.

Also, others joked about it and expressed their frustration at not finding clips on the internet.

When a user asks ‘Can someone send me a link? I’m looking for a friend.’

Someone said, ‘Wait…Lori Harvey leaked!? Who got the link?’

Another comment was ‘…Is the Lori Harvey tape leaked?’

In the meantime, many users defended Harvey and called the person who started the rumors.

One fan said: ‘Everyone sincerely hopes that Lori Harvey’s tapes will be leaked without her consent. What’s wrong with the loser!’

Meanwhile, another user said, ‘It’s creepy how many men search for Lori Harvey videos. How are you so pressured that you know what you are not meant to see?’



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