Watch: Machine Gun Kelly uploads video of inhaling fake cocaine from Megan Fox’s chest.

Despite the fact that Halloween is on October 31st, there are many people these days who are celebrating the end of the week with a variety of parties around the world. VIPs never take a break through social media, and some have been actively interested in original outfits and ideas that they have uploaded to Instagram. One of the couples that stood out because of their outfits was Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, individually dressed as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Recently Disney Plus released a mini-series called ‘Pam and Tommy’, which chronicles the marriage between a celebrity and drummer Motley Crue.

The famous vocalist posted two photos of herself with a celebrity and a video of her sniffling Megan Fox’s chest. Therefore, he has been the subject of criticism via social media. It’s unclear if it’s real cocaine or a fake, but it didn’t take long for negative comments that denounced Machine Gun Kelly’s disgusting and rude gestures and promoted drug use began to emerge. The performer caused controversy in the past due to her relationship with Megan Fox as well as her conflict with Eminem.

Machine gun Kelly criticized after uploading video of inhaling cocaine from Megan Fox’s chest

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox took the Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson outfits to the extreme to recreate a wild, whirlwind romance. The rockers and entertainers dressed up as a notable couple for Halloween this week. Pam/Meg in pink dresses and Tommy/MGK in tank top to the fantastic opening of the Hard Rock Lodging and Club in Las Vegas in 1995. They’re all great and great, but the video Machine Gun Kelly posted on Saturday specifically threw a Casamigos party that seemed to be causing controversy. note. He licks and kisses her breasts.

The supposed ‘cocaine’ is probably fake. But … There are a number of individuals online who shocked him that he would shoot himself, whether gag or not. It doesn’t seem like he or Megan really cares… His captions convey too much. It reads, Happy Halloween Maiden. To be honest, this accommodates a lot of shock respectable stunts, including MO as a team, acknowledgment of drinking each other’s blood, and more. But the bigger problem in this particular example is the younger fanbase, including teenagers, who can see Machine Gun Kelly objectively engaging in things that aren’t good for you. One user snorted and said that it’s not cool for teenagers to idolize you. Another user @machinegunkelly is not your friend. You said you have a young follower and that you should stop beautifying drugs and addictions. I think the third composition will be a role model for Colson. This act must not be posted online for the younger crowd to see.

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