Watch: Man arrested for throwing eggs and corruption at Charles III and Camilla.

A man has been arrested for throwing eggs at Prince Charles and Queen during their visit to York. A protester was stopped by police as crowds gathered to welcome the couple at the Micklegate Bar, the traditional gateway to the royal family. As a 23-year-old boy was arrested, he heard shouts that the country was built on the blood of slaves. The man, identified as a York University student, was arrested and detained on charges of violating public order. Individuals in the crowd started chanting ‘King, King, save me’ at the protesters.

This event occurred on the second day of the King’s official visit to Yorkshire, during which time King Charles and Queen later visited Doncaster. York University said the photo was “embarrassed”. The royal couple were invited when the city leaders in York threw some eggs at them as protesters booed King and Queen Charles. Charles greeted the mayor and other high-ranking officials as the egg flew towards him. Eggs were guided by missing King and Queen Charles. Several officials were seen holding a man on the ground behind a fence erected for the king’s visit.

York University student arrested for throwing eggs at Prince Charles and Queen

A 23-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday 9 November after throwing eggs and bitters at King Charles III and Queen Camilla while strolling through the northern British city of York. The episode occurred when King Charles and his significant others entered York through the Micklegate Bar, a medieval gateway that traditionally welcomes rulers into the city. Video footage showed several eggs moving and breaking to the ground. Nothing seemed to be swayed around King and Queen Charles, who continued to be welcomed by local dignitaries and gathered to see people wishing for blessings. A video can be seen of several policemen fighting a man at a crowd barrier.

Image: PA

British PA News said protesters booed and shouted. This country was founded on the blood of slaves when he was arrested. Others in the crowd save you and God the King. North Yorkshire police say a 23-year-old man has been arrested and detained for violating public order. King Charles and Queen Camilla headed to York to mark the start of a new king’s reign, which marked the beginning of a series of engagements across England. The pair attended a service at the city’s cathedral, York Minster, and unveiled a statue of Queen Elizabeth II, the king’s mother, who passed away in September after 70 years of throne.

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