Watch: Monica Denise and Kodak Black’s Tiktok go viral

Monica Denise and Kodak Black showed off their moves on the viral TikTok and fans were really shocked by their somewhat unexpected friendship. Nevertheless, the two often hang out together. Last month, Monica Denise posted a picture of herself with Kodak Black and his mom, but her captions hinted that she was single. Kodak’s dating life continues to be a secret, but her intimacy with Monica Denise has caused fans to wonder what’s going on between the two.

Monica Denise and Kodak Black’s intimacy made many fans think they could go on a date. Still, some people are simply shocked to see them get to know each other. In response to their most recent TikTok, one fan tweeted Stand by. So is Monica Denise seriously dating Kodak Dark? One more thing, Monica Denise and Kodak Black dating? Calm down, it’s so much fun! I perused one tweet. Wait, are Kodak Black and Monica Dennis right? Most likely I don’t have this on my bingo board.

Monica Denise and Kodak Black Viral Tiktok Video Surprise Fans

Alongside Kodak Black and Monica Denise, rapper Loe Shimmy can also be seen hitting the dance floor with them on the most recent TikTok. Another clip circulating on Twitter shows the two rappers surprise Monica with a bunch of roses while performing at the show. In the meantime, the videos of the trio grooving Kodak’s spin are all talking about for a variety of reasons. Kodak Black and Monica Denise’s closeness has made many fans think they could go on a date. After all, some people were just amazed to see them getting to know each other. GRV Media has contacted the two artists, but has yet to receive a response.

Nevertheless, the rapper welcomed the child with Daijanae Ward. In an Instagram post from February 2022, now deleted, KodakBlack reported that he was expecting a child with Daijanae Ward. Composite reports that she shared photos with rapper Daijanae and captioned it ‘My BM’ [Baby Mama] So beautiful. Since I had a daughter in January, despite wanting a boy, I wore blue and pink to avoid being biased in everything. I was a little disappointed when the pink smoke came out, but I know we will have a wonderful, healthy baby! Daijana released the first photo of her daughter last August. Her profile does not include a photo of the rapper.

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