Watch: San Rafael police beat man with beer cans, video show

On Friday, September 2, 2022, in San Rafael, two police officers were given paid administrative leave after body-camera footage revealed a confrontation over a bloody and neglected container opening breach that took a man to the floor. The episode is said to have occurred on July 27, 2022, after officials Daisy Mazariegos and Brandon Neil found a man with a beer jug ​​open at Windward Way. Following public opposition to the malicious arrest, an investigation has now begun under the direction of two officials involved in the case. The victim was found not guilty.

After questions about open beer canisters escalated into fierce crackdown by the San Rafael police, a man on several charges, including a felony for resisting arrest, was sent to hospitals and courts for investigation. Nevertheless, the charges have been dropped and the spotlight is on the actions of the Marin County Police Department. The man’s lawyer and experts in the field told ABC7 News I-Team reporter Dan Noyes that this shouldn’t happen. They say the officials used excessive force and that one of them lied in his official report of the incident. Under the power lines, along the industrial precinct of San Rafael’s Windward Way, past the Canal District Community Garden, workers are said to gather after the day’s work to socialize, eat and drink.

Bodycam footage shows a San Rafael police officer beating a man with a beer can

On July 27, San Rafael police officer Daisy Mazariegos challenged three men who were drinking on the Windward Way. The men hired the famous Marin County gardener, who tried to explain that he and his colleagues routinely gather in their neighborhood to drink beer and chase time after work. So, the official Mazariegos added the following after asking them to put down their beer: I hardly ever drink here. Do you think it will be fun? Then she asked all three men to present valid IDs at that point.

Soon after, San Rafael police officer Brandon Neil appeared at the scene. As the gardener got up, went into his pocket and pulled out his ID, the official Brandon Nail asked him to drop it off. Despite attempts to cooperate, the gardener had to stand up to retrieve his ID, official Brandon Nail grabbed him and threw him to the ground, and the victim had a bloody face. Later, while describing the incident to a fellow officer, San Rafael police officer Brandon Neil claimed that the victim had tried to lock him in a headlock.

Talking about the episode, the victim’s lawyer, Charlie Dresow, said they just grabbed the man, punched him and smashed his face into gravel. That’s not right. His face went bloody, his nose was broken and he experienced a power outage. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and charged with a felony resisting arrest. Nevertheless, these claims have been tolerated and attention is now focused on the command of the San Rafael Police.

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