WATCH: SBS has released a video showing OMEGA X being abused by its CEO.

Despite an attempt to dismiss Spire Entertainment’s allegations of CEO abuse, SBS shared a video of the CEO abusing OMEGA X.

Here’s everything you need to know.

SBS releases video of Omega X CEO abuse

In the video, the CEO can be seen scolding the Omega X members, especially Jaehan, who seems to be in a panic.

According to SBS, the CEO is Mr. Kang.

In addition, in the video, Mr. Kang can be heard saying, ‘Do you really think you deserve to be loved by these bastards?’ And ‘you don’t even know what it means to love. You are all fucking manipulation.’

Also, aiming at Jaehan, he said, ‘Are you dying of tiredness? Jaehan Kim!’

She also said, ‘Poor Kim. Stop being an idol, really. You are always sick.’

Members of OMEGA X defend Jaehan for Kang’s actions.

Meanwhile, the other members tried to stop Kang’s aggressive behavior to support Kang Jae-han. But the CEO’s anger continued.

One member of Omega X said, ‘Madam, please. stop. He’s not feeling well.’

But Kang said, ‘I’m not feeling well either. In fact, I’m dying of pain right now!’

She lost her composure and said, ‘None of you cared for me like this when I passed out. did you Does anyone know how many times I passed out? Wake up, get up now, Jaehan Kim!’

Nevertheless, Jae-han shrugged as if trying to get up, suppressing Kang’s anger.

However, when a fellow member asked if he was healthy, Kang Jae-han laughed at Jae-han saying that he was just doing a show.

Meanwhile, she continues to believe that Jae-han is pretending to be sick despite his stumble.

‘She’s doing a show. Here you go! Stand up straight! Don’t be fooled, he’s clearly acting sick!’

The video leak came after Spire Entertainment, the agency of Omega X, issued a statement and an apology regarding rumors about the CEO’s unfair treatment.

They claimed that ‘the Omega X members and their agency are talking about their efforts and making plans for the future’. In the process, they began to complain about each other, and they began to raise their voices gradually, engulfed in emotions.’


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