Watch: Social Media Video Viral of Jim Carrey Dancing to 50 Cent’s In Da Club

An old video of Jim Carrey dancing to 50 Cent’s hit, titled In Da Club, went viral on the internet and Twitter this week, leaving many fans behind. If there’s one nostalgic event for the hip bounce industry of the 2000s, this video of Yes Man entertainer Jim Carrey and Indaclub rapper 50 Cent will undoubtedly cheer you up today.

Since this video was first circulated, it has never been talked about on the Internet and has received a lot of attention from individuals. Twitter is swirling with funny memes and reactions to the resurfacing video, and many can’t stand giggling.

The video went viral due to Jim Carrey’s outstanding dance skills while focusing in front of an audience. In fact, even 50 Cent couldn’t help but laugh while rapping the phrase with the celebrity’s name. Let’s go, Carrie, it’s your birthday.” 50 Cent is singing while Jim Carrey continues his legendary moves.

Watch a video of Jim Carrey dancing to 50 Cent’s In Da Club

An old video of Jim Carrey performing with 50 Cent is going viral online. Seeing the comedians liberated from In Da Club puts a smile on their face. Interestingly, Jim Carrey’s dance moves take the rapper’s character 50 cents down and make him need to rediscover himself. It’s usually as hard as a magnet, and even 50 Cent was needed to understand Jim Carrey’s obligations to his work.

On Tuesday, August 16, a Twitter account called The Art of War shared an old video of 50 Cent and Tony Yayo’s Jim Carrey performance. This actually happened in Sundance 2009. It was actually the birthday of dear comedian Jim Carrey and he was getting a commendation at the Vitamin Water House in Utah. You never know who you’ll see together in front of an audience when this huge celebration takes place. The fascinating thing about social media currently in development is that something so ingrained in memory like this can secretly come to life on numerous levels from where it came from. Even if that’s possible, a little digging can provide an amazing preview of another time.

Older videos like this turned viral in a matter of hours, and various Twitter users were divided. One individual reacted to the video. Jim Carrey dropping to 50 cents is something everyone needs to see. Fellowship is off the charts. Another Twitter user said that performing Jim Carrey for 50 cents could be my number one video. I can’t help thinking how hard it is to keep rap.

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