Watch the latest TechCrunch live here: Raising Monsters for Autonomous Mobility Startups

TechCrunch Live goes live every Wednesday at noon Pacific Time and it’s a good time. The event is free and can be watched on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. However, if you want to meet other attendees or sign up for pitch practice, you must watch at Hoppin. Here are the upcoming and past events.

Yesterday’s TechCrunch Live featured Raquel Urtasun, CEO of Waabi, and Sven Strohband, Series A Lead Investor at Khosla Ventures. Urtasun founded Waabi in 2021 after spending nearly three years as Uber’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) R&D head. Waabi’s mission is to develop an AI-first approach to accelerate commercial deployment of autonomous vehicles, starting with long-haul trucks. To that end, her company has raised $83.5 million in Series A with Khosha Venture’s Sven Strohband.

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