WATCH: Video Suspected of Blueface Shooting Man in Truck

Blueface allegedly shot an unknown man linked to his attempted murder arrest in a video obtained by TMZ on Tuesday. Blueface was arrested for attempted murder on Tuesday following an incident in which he allegedly pulled a gun and shot a truck driver on Oct. 8, the incident captured on video obtained by TMZ. In last month’s video, the rapper can be seen outside a Las Vegas club. Blueface and his crew are suddenly confronted by a truck pulling over and laying the floor. As the driver slows down, Blueface draws his weapon and appears to fire several shots at him. The rapper’s crew, who had been drinking, allegedly assaulted an unidentified driver who had previously entered the club. Blueface wasn’t directly involved in the controversy, but it’s unclear what started it. As Blueface and his crew leave, the man pulls over to a truck after being beaten. According to TMZ, gunshots were fired when the man asked, “Who hit me?” There you can see the truck slowing down the video.

Video surfaces of rapper known to have shot rapper Blueface at unknown man

The rapper was arrested on attempted murder charges after Blueface was caught on video allegedly shooting an unknown man. On Wednesday, November 16, TMZ released a video of what is believed to be a shooting outside a Las Vegas club on October 8. According to a celebrity news site, apparently Blueface’s crew made the man run into the club and then retreated into his truck. It’s unclear if the “Thotiana” rapper was involved in the fight. Footage of the shooting shows Blueface and his team leaving and trying to get into a parked vehicle across the street as the shooting begins. Next, a gray truck pulls up next to a car full of the rapper’s entourage. According to one source, the driver asked “Who hit me?” The truck speeds up as soon as someone runs to the driver’s door. At the beginning of the video, an individual identified as Blueface is seen brandishing a firearm and firing several rounds at the fleeing truck.

Las Vegas Metro Police Department detectives arrested Blueface on charges of attempted murder with a deadly weapon and discharged a gun from an occupied building. Blueface’s girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, responded to the arrest via social media after being present when he was arrested. In a video posted on his Instagram Story, Christian Rock wrote, “It’s a signal for everyone to leave. What the hell are you talking about? Stop playing. Nigga didn’t leave me when I walked in. Nigga, what? All that matters is that I’m going to court. “He’s coming home. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t be surprised if he gets another tattoo.” [Blueface’s] face. what? What’s up? I’m riding, I’m slipping What are you talking about? In addition to indicting Blueface for attempted felony murder, he is also charged with firing a gun at a house, building, vehicle or craft. In the report, rapper Blueface did not take any position on the incident.

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