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More than two months after the start of the Ukraine war, Russia is gaining significant territorial gains despite its aggression marred by misplanning, misinformation, low morale and brutal and indiscriminate violence against civilians. Follow the latest updates on War.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Russian troops have advanced toward the border between Donetsk and Luhansk, the Russian Defense Ministry said. If confirmed, it would increase the likelihood that Russia would take full control of the area known as Donbas.

If Russia could continue to maintain or expand the territories it occupies in the south and east and maintain its dominance in the Black Sea, it would further weaken the already hit Ukraine economy, increase Moscow’s influence in future negotiated resolutions, and potentially expand its territory. can. The ability to prepare for a broader attack.

fatal blow: The economy of Russia and Ukraine has been damaged by the war. Ukraine’s economy is expected to contract 30% this year as about half of Ukrainian businesses close, while Russia’s economy is expected to contract by 10% this year and then stagnate next year.

Some Fed officials began to admit last year that the central bank was too slow to respond to sharp inflation, which has now caused the economy to become more abruptly constrained by the delay.

Officials have spent years dealing with tepid inflation, and some have been hesitant to believe that soaring prices will continue. It became clear in the early fall that rapid inflation was continuing. However, the Fed turned toward quickly removing policy support at the end of November and did not raise rates until March.

As high prices persist, inflation expectations are slowly rising, threatening to change spending behavior in a way that perpetuates the problem. If the Fed continues to make rapid policy adjustments, policymakers risk putting the brakes on the fast-growing economy. Such forced shutdowns can hurt, increase unemployment and lead to a recession.

analysis: In 2021 Fed Vice Chairman Randal Quarles said, “People make mistakes. It’s a complex situation that has little precedent.” He argued that the central bank should have started actively withdrawing support after September.

Biden’s answer: When inflation threatened Democrats in the midterm elections, the president scolded Republicans who blamed him for rising inflation, proposing “extreme” policy ideas that would benefit the wealthiest Americans and big business. He added that inflation was “a domestic top priority.”

Iran’s judiciary announced yesterday that it will execute the execution of Amadreza Jalali, a Swedish scientist of Iranian descent, charged with spying on Israel and aiding in the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist. Djalali denied all charges.

The announcement coincided with a Swedish court ruling in which former Iranian official Hamid Nouri was tried for crimes against humanity. Swedish prosecutors sentenced a netizen to life in prison for executing 5,000 dissidents in the 1980s. He denied the charges.

Human rights groups have condemned Iran for the pattern of hostage diplomacy in which dual or foreign nationals are detained on espionage charges and then used politically to release frozen funds or exchange them for Iranian citizens imprisoned in another country.

Quotation is possible: “The Iranian judiciary has made it clear that he is a hostage and that his life is influencing Swedish judicial decisions,” said Hardy Gaemi, director of the New York Center. for human rights in Iran

background: Djalali, a 50-year-old lecturer at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, moved to Sweden in 2009 to pursue a PhD. He was arrested in 2016 while traveling to Iran after being invited to an academic workshop at the university.

Phalloplasty, a surgical procedure to reshape the penis, is becoming more popular among trans men. However, it remains a controversial procedure due to its rapid rate of complications.

Times Magazine writer Jamie Lauren Keiles, with Ben Simpson above, underwent gender-determining surgery for a year. From start to finish, Ben’s penis took four years to complete.

A humble egg is a miracle. Inside that shell, there are almost endless possibilities for a midnight snack, breakfast or dinner, crossing culture, cuisine and cravings. Food scientist Harold McGee described it as “one of the wonders of the kitchen and one of the wonders of nature.” To Eric Kim, a culinary writer for the Times Food section, eggs are a ‘magic’.

Eggs can evoke strong emotions, whether you’re Eric’s 10-year-old rescue dog who wakes up when he promises an egg of life, or an L’Association de sauvegarde de l’œuf mayonnaise member. Served as a “protection” for this classic French dish made with boiled eggs under a soft blanket of mayonnaise.

In the food section, take a closer look at Eric’s 24 recipes that showcase the incredible variety and possibilities of simple eggs. learn Secrets of the creamiest scrambled eggs — It can be sitting in your pantry right now — or it can climb to the top of an egg for dinner. Shakshka’s Reef. Try cooking poetry to finish off. Iberian flan with this caramel.

Whichever egg option you choose, pair it with these very old jokes:

cue: Why do the French only eat one egg for breakfast?
all: because there is only one egg 👑*”

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