WEF 2022: Bitcoin Should Be Seen From an Innovation Perspective, Miami Mayor Says

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez believes Bitcoin (BTC) should be viewed from an innovation standpoint, not an investment asset.

Suarez’s comments came during a discussion on the “future of cryptocurrencies” on Day 3 of the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2022 in Davos. he said:

“We live in a world where investors only see things from a profit perspective, but Bitcoin needs to be seen from a revolutionary and technological perspective.”

When asked for his views on the volatility debate in the crypto market, Suarez said the phenomenon was part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and was common to evolving and early technology.

He reminded people that while volatility debates seem to be prevalent only in bear markets, they also play an important role when markets rise.

He also argued that the price of Bitcoin will stabilize over time as it transitions from an asset class to a “currency” form. He explained:

“Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency by nature, so I will talk from a Bitcoin point of view. Currently it behaves like an asset class, but over time it will move towards becoming a currency. “I think the price will stabilize when money becomes the center,” he said.

When asked why he supported BTC, Suarez said:

“Who can we trust today? politician? Banker or policy maker? Bitcoin was invented by humans and designed to follow a set of immutable codes, but something like Bitcoin is being shown here.”

Suarez Agrees With Miami Mayor On Bitcoin Debate[Bitcoin] It has proven its mettle by holding it through several price cycles, and the current price speaks volumes of the cycle.”

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