Well, google, that’s not how you write arabic

I learned Arabic for several years after one of my previous startups ran a large developer team in Egypt. I’m just a beginner, but I found something really odd at Google I/O’s keynote today. Multiple languages ​​on the slides… wrong?

Text in Arabic reads as ‘Sudanese language’, but it’s written in a wrong way with a script that makes Arabic speakers raise an eyebrow or two. Swiss Herman (usually written as “Schweizerdeutsch”) is written with what looks like a local accent to mimic an accent (not unlike writing “What’s that all aboot” to mimic a Canadian accent; usually not done), non- Many other languages ​​of the Latin script are unrecognizable.

It’s unclear whether the Google Translate team tried to be clever and show local knowledge by speaking in a local accent, but it’s… It looks weird. Nevertheless, putting these translations into Google Translate results in a more accurate translation than the one shown in Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s slides. It’s really frustrating.

ramie Put it well:

Google Translate is undoubtedly a powerful tool to get the gist of an article or some words, but it’s pretty bizarre to see so many mistakes all in one slide.

If you’d like to see a moment of brain-scratching verbal action in a Google IO presentation, YouTube supports it.

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