What did Ezra Miller do? Actor charged with felony theft in Vermont

No one can draw conclusions about everything that is happening around Ezra Miller and the exact way celebrities are. After many charges and two arrests in Hawaii, he is embroiled in another controversy, with his third arrest looming around the same time. Celebrity Ezra Miller has been charged with theft in Stamford, Vermont. In a police report reported on Monday, Vermont state police responded to a robbery report in Stamford on May 1, claiming that they took several bottles of alcohol from the home while the landlord was absent. After police consulted the surveillance footage and spoke with witnesses, Ezra Miller was found and charged just before midnight on Sunday.

According to police reports, Miller received a subpoena on September 26 to appear in the Vermont Superior Court for prosecution. The felony charge adds to Ezra Miller’s legal problems and reports of his erratic behavior. Previously, the 29-year-old entertainer was arrested twice in Hawaii on charges of making the first provocation with a riot and provocation at a karaoke in March, and was arrested on charges of second-degree assault less than a month after the incident occurred. done.

Other Arguments Against Ezra Miller

Parents of Native American activist 18-year-old Toccata Iron Eyes also filed a protective order recently, accusing Ezra Miller of grooming and other inappropriate behavior of their 12-year-old child. Native American activist Tokata Iron Eyes recently informed insiders that the allegations were misleading. Ezra Miller’s attorneys did not respond promptly to requests for comment on the felony charges or security requests related to the Tokata Iron Eyes.

Credit: Tim Wright / MEGA

Similarly, there is an allegation that Ezra Miller is staying with a 25-year-old mother and three children between the ages of 1 and 5 with her home in Vermont. two guns. There is no confirmation of this except for the most certainly surprising. Even if that were possible, Ezra Miller would still remain part of DCEU’s Flash and that didn’t stop Warner Bros from going.

Credit: Tim Wright / MEGA

After appearing in several films in Flash at Warner Bros. and DC Films, Ezra Miller will appear in the independent film The Flash, slated for release in June 2023. However, while Warner Bros cut the nearly finished Batgirl movie last week, the studio has suggested that they continue to focus on Flash releases. In last week’s earnings report, Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav said of The Flash: ‘We’ve seen The Flash, Black Adam and Shazam 2. We are extremely hardened against them. Zaslav said. A representative from Warner Bros did not respond to the message.

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