What did Gabbie Hanna say on TikTok? Controversial explanation

Mental health has become a big problem recently, when TikTok star Gabbie Hanna posted 100 posts a day on TikTok. Well, we all know how important mental health is in life. However, some social media acclaimed people are also discussing the same issue. Her recent post by her Gabbie on TikTok is making everyone in her worry about her.

To learn more about Gabbie Hanna, TikTok publishes 100 posts a day for every fan.

Who is Gaby Hannah?

Gabbie Hanna is a 31-year-old TikTok star who is gaining popularity on social media. However, she started posting videos of her back in 2013. Eventually, she also gained fame on TikTok and other social media platforms. Not only that, she has gained her great fans on all platforms.

Aside from that, she is also known for her book “Adulthood”, which came out in 2017. In 2020 she released another book called “Dandelion”. Her debut single “Out Loud” came out in 2017. Recently, she also released another album called “Trauma Queen”.

Gabbie Hanna worries fans after posting 100 videos a day on TikTok

Gabbie Hanna recently shared about 100 videos a day on her TikTok account. The number of videos on her TikTok account per day has certainly worried all her fans about her mental health. what she has to take care of.

Also, not long ago, Gabbie said that she has bipolar disorder. In this disorder, such a person frequently experiences mood swings. A place where you can feel emotionally high and low at different moments. So her recent activity at TikTok has informed her fans that Gabbie may want to help.

Fans’ reactions to Gaby’s 100 videos a day

Fans of Gabbie Hanna know that she has bipolar disorder and how it can affect her lifestyle and, most importantly, mood swings. Nevertheless, Gabi fans are expressing their concerns by uploading 100 videos a day.

Some fans wrote that Gabby needs a break now and needs a loved one. One told Gabbie to take a break and talk to someone close to him. Surely the fans tried to comfort Gabbie on TikTok.

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